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We hope to see you next week on Tuesday 30th May and Wednesday 31st May for the live stream of The Business of Beauty Global Forum 2023 dedicated to BoF Professional All-Access and BoF Professional Beauty & Wellness members is available. Sign up for the live stream here.

Over three sessions of curated content, we will ask key questions that industry professionals should consider.

  • Where is the growth coming from?

We bring together 35 global leaders, entrepreneurs and creatives from across the industry to answer these questions, share key insights and reshape the future of the global beauty and wellness landscape. Don’t miss this chance to learn from the best and brightest in the global beauty industry.

Join in from anywhere in the world by subscribing to the live stream, exclusively for BoF Professional All-Access and Beauty & Wellness members.

Please see below for the full agenda and final speaker line-up.


The definition of beauty has changed and the market has changed accordingly to offer new opportunities and imperatives to integrate wellness, sexuality, global culture and identity into the way we think about beauty. Here we explore where the beauty and wellness industry is today and where it is headed.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023 (3:15pm Los Angeles | 6:15pm New York | 11:15pm London)

  • My Unibrow and I: Why we need to decolonize beauty — Sharareh Siadat
  • How to make the beauty industry truly global — Gabby Chen, Zaher Eldassouky and Renata Gomide in conversation with Imran Amed
  • Gender, Beauty and Activism: My Trans Experience — Schuyler Bailar
  • Let’s talk about sex — Nadya Okamoto and Beatrice Dixon in conversation with Sheena Butler-Young
  • Overlooked and Underserved: From Minority to Majority — John Legend and Ari Bloom in conversation with Priya Rao
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Growth in the global beauty industry requires innovation, from new products to new markets to new customers. Getting there will require radical thinking and thoughtful leadership from both business and creative leaders. In this session, we’ll look at the key growth opportunities and how we can capitalize on them.

Wednesday, May 31, 2023 (9:30 am Los Angeles | 12:30 pm New York | 5:30 pm London)

  • An Introduction to The State of Fashion: Beauty Report — Imran Amed and Achim Berg
  • Why India is the future of beauty — Falguni Nayar in conversation with Imran Amed
  • Looking ahead: The rise of health, digital health and longevity solutions — Eurie Kim and Kirsten Green
  • Renewal of Beauty’s acquisition model — Vasiliki Petrou in conversation with Sheena Butler-Young
  • Why selling doesn’t necessarily mean selling out — Monique Rodriguez and Ben Gorham in conversation with Priya Rao
  • Black hair politics — Holly J. Mitchell and Hannah Diop in conversation with Julee Wilson
  • How Sephora empowers community to fuel growth — Jean-André Rougeot in conversation with Priya Rao


Today, connecting with customers goes beyond loyalty programs or the current social media app. Customers come back to reconnect with companies when they love the products and see themselves reflected in the brand. Here we learn how to build deep and meaningful customer relationships from some of the best in the business.

Wednesday, May 31, 2023 (2:15 PM Los Angeles | 5:15 PM New York | 10:15 PM London)

  • Why brand marketing is back — Isamaya Ffrench and Marty Bell in conversation with Imran Amed
  • From disruptor to incumbent: Glossier’s second act — Kyle Leahy in conversation with Brian Baskin
  • The clean beauty debate — Charlotte Palermino, Desiree Verdejo and Dr. Dennis Gross in conversation with Sheena Butler Young
  • Looking for a real customer connection — Jane Lauder in conversation with Priya Rao
  • How Personalization Can Transform Customer Loyalty — Maju Kuruvilla in conversation with Rahul Malik
  • Flora, Fauna and Fungi: Finding the Truth in Nature — Cécile Lochard, Aggelina Kanellopoulou and Rodrigo Garcia in conversation with Priya Rao
  • The Beauty of Compassion — Pamela Anderson in conversation with Moj Mahdara
  • Let’s get back to your why – Roxie Nafousi
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Join in from anywhere in the world by subscribing to the live stream, exclusively for BoF Professional All-Access and Beauty & Wellness members.

The Global Forum is made possible in part by our partners Bolt, BeautyUnited, Unilever Prestige, McKinsey & Company, MagicLinks, Cavu and Stanly Ranch.

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