Learning from the pros: Sport management students tour CITYPARK, meet with team officials

David Frazier, manager of partnership marketing at St. Louis CITY SC, spoke to UMSL field-level sports management students at CITYPARK during a tour of the stadium last week. (Photos courtesy of Karen Boleska)

A group of students studying sports management at the University of Missouri–St. Louis spent last Wednesday morning touring the CITYPARK in downtown St. Louis.

They had the opportunity to walk the field level and see the club suites, premium seating areas and service levels. They also met with St. Louis CITY SC officials to learn about the challenges and opportunities that come with managing a professional sports facility.

Sports management students stood at field level in CITYPARK last week.

“Overall, the visit was a valuable learning experience for the students, giving them a first-hand look at the operation of a professional athletic facility, the day-to-day operations, and the values ​​of St. Louis CITY SC,” said Karen Boleska, assistant professor in the Department of Education Sciences and Professional Programs, who serves as Director of UMSL’s Sports Management Program.

The football club and university announced a partnership in January that makes UMSL the official college partner of St. Louis CITY SC. As part of the partnership, UMSL is serving as the presenting partner for CITY SC’s eSports program, and the two organizations are working together to build the St. Louis CITY SC/UMSL Sports Management Program, which builds on the university’s existing Bachelor of Science curriculum from UMSL builds up in sports management.

As part of the program, UMSL students are given opportunities, like Wednesday, to connect with CITY SC leaders. The club also provides access to paid internship opportunities for UMSL students in all majors.

During a guided tour through the CITYPARK last week, the students were led across the field (left) and through the hall (right).

Students in Boleska’s Educational and Community Athletics class will be given the opportunity to work with the club on public-facing projects, beginning with CITY Mapping. Your task is to identify soccer fields and soccer clubs in the St. Louis metropolitan area and create an interactive map that will eventually be available under a special tab on the CITY SC website. The map gives users the ability to click on individual counties in the St. Louis area and get an overview of fields, clubs, and leagues, and it includes information like the fees associated with each club.

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“It’s a valuable initiative aimed at providing comprehensive and accurate information about football resources in the region,” Boleska said. “The mapping process involves a systematic and rigorous approach to data collection and analysis with the goal of creating an up-to-date and reliable database of all football-related activities and facilities. This information can be used to identify areas of need for football development, assess resource allocation and accessibility, and support strategic planning for football growth in the region. The mapping project is an important step in creating a more cohesive and coordinated football community in the greater St. Louis area and has the potential to increase access to football for all residents — particularly youth — while ensuring equal access to football for all children in the area. “

During the visit to CITYPARK on Wednesday, the students presented their progress to the team leaders. Boleska said her work has been well received and will ultimately contribute to the success of the St. Louis CITY SC Futures program as it fosters the growth of the sport across the region.

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