Lego’s latest Super Mario set takes you to Dry Bowser’s Castle

Just in time for Mario Day, Lego has introduced a new expansion set for its line of Super Mario starter sets. This is a 1,321 piece kit themed after Dry Bowser’s Castle and will be available through Lego for $109.99 with an August 1st release date. Some of the unique items in this particular expansion set (other than Dry Bowser) are a captive purple Toadstool, a fiery Marmaargh creature, and a Bone Goomba.

It is designed to be used with other parts from existing Lego Super Mario sets but does not come with Lego Mario, Luigi or Peach which are required to play with some of the set’s interactive elements. You will also need one of their respective starter kits.

While you wait for release day, you can start collecting Lego Super Mario pieces to get the most out of the new set. Currently, purchases of qualifying Super Mario-themed products from the Lego Store through March 12 will receive double VIP points. Lego VIP members get early access to limited edition Lego sets, exclusive discounts and can earn VIP points which can be redeemed for discounts and exclusive Lego sets. Becoming a Lego VIP member is free and can pay dividends if you invest heavily in Lego. Lego for example Lord of the rings: Rivendell set was available for pre-order by VIP members three days before the general public.

But first an explanation of how these kits work.

How do Lego Super Mario sets work?

Lego’s Super Mario playsets take Lego’s customizability and combine it with clever engineering. Mario, Luigi and Peach figures include a code reader, an accelerometer to detect movement, a small screen and a speaker. When they interact with code (stomping on Goombas, stepping into big green pipes—you know, Mario stuff), you’re treated to familiar sights and sounds from the Mario universe. You end up with an immersive build-and-play experience that feels a bit like a real-world version of the Super Mario Maker Game.

While you can tinker with each set to create unique courses, certain elements of each course require you to follow specific instructions through the Lego Super Mario app. The app also allows you to share your particular course with others and see what others have done as well.

If you’re still a bit confused about how Lego Super Mario works, check out our starter set overview and watch Nintendo’s official video below.

Lego Super Mario Starter Sets and Expansions

If you want to dive into the world of Lego Super Mario, there are already several starter sets that contain everything you need to get the most out of the upcoming Dry Bowser Castle set.

If you’re looking for less interactive (but still cool) versions of your favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters, Lego also offers a 2,807-piece model of Bowser for $269.99. The Mighty Bowser set stands almost 30cm tall when assembled, is poseable and can even shoot fireballs out of its mouth (no, really!).

There’s also a pretty cool diorama-style question mark block available for $199.99. The Question Mark Block is composed of 2,064 individual pieces, and the set cleverly unfolds to reveal multiple miniature recreations of environments Super Mario 64.

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