Lewis Hamilton Pays Tribute to 68-Year-Old Mother With Latest Body Ink

Lewis Hamilton has an impressive array of tattoos on him. The 7-time world champion has at least 16 body inks, each of which represents a core message or holds deep meaning for the Brit.

Lewis etched a large cross onto his back a few years ago, inspired by his favorite rapper, Tupac. The tattoo also bears the phrase “Still I Rise,” which the racer also added to his helmet.

In February last year, the Mercedes driver added another new tattoo to his collection. And this was an ode to his mother, Carmen Larbalestier.

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Lewis Hamilton reveals his latest tattoo

For Lewis Hamilton, every tattoo on his body reveals something very personal. The Brit has an elaborate process for determining his body colors and should always bring emotion to himself.

And so the Brit added a few more intricate works of art to his hands. The body art includes a spaceship and half a tiger face on Hamilton’s index fingers and a spaceship on his right ring finger.

He also has the words “Mum”, “love” and “live”, the letter “A” and the name of his late pet “Coco” written on his fingers. The fine arts also include a long line running down the middle of the middle finger of his right hand.

The 38-year-old Brit visited New York’s Bang Bang Tattoo Studio. The artist “Mr. K’ shared images of his client’s latest artwork with the caption, “When I took his hand I immediately noticed how hard he’s been working.”

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Who is Lewis Hamilton’s mother?

Lewis Hamilton often didn’t think much of his mother. His mother’s name is Carmen Larbalestier. She has always maintained a private life and has occasionally performed with her world champion son.

Carmen and Lewis’ father Anthony split when he was 2 years old. She has appeared often in the F1 paddock, most notably during the 2017 Mexican GP when she teamed with him to win Lewis’ 4. championship victory celebrated.

Hamilton is quite close to her and has even considered including her name in his last name. Hamilton claims he wants his mother’s name to run the same as his father’s last name.

He shared: “I don’t quite get the whole idea of ​​why the woman loses her name when people get married.” The Brit said he’s working on it in a talk at the Dubai Expo.

Carmen accompanied Lewis when he was knighted by King Charles at Windsor Castle. Lewis became the fourth F1 driver to be knighted for services to motorsport and society.

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