Loki Season 1 Already Spoiled How to Kill MCU’s Council of Kangs (Theory)

Although it has only just been revealed, it seems as if Loki Season 1 may have already spoiled how to beat the MCU’s Council of Kangs.

The Conglomerate of Conquerors debuted in the post-credits stinger of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaniafeaturing hundreds of variants of Jonathan Majors’ new multiversal villain.

After getting a crash course on Kang Loki Season 1 and back in ant man 3audiences are set to see much more of Marvel Studio’s first major “Multiple Threat.”

And with seemingly countless versions of Major’s MCU Big Bad, the Avengers will have their hands full with the Kang for the remainder of the Multiverse saga.

The key to defeating Kang

alot 1
Marvel Studios

Some have speculated that Alioth is dating Loki Season 1 will be key to bringing down the Council of Kangs in the MCU.

Alioth is the living storm that devours everything sent into the void seen in the second half of Loki‘s first season shown as a menacing, glowing, animal-shaped cloud.

In the comics, the mysterious entity absorbs and kills the Council of Kangs, which is eventually revealed to be a Kang variant plot to overthrow the Council.

This could easily be adapted for the screen in the MCU and plugged right back in Loki.

Since He Who Remains presumably would have had to overthrow the Council of Kangs themselves in order to create the Sacred Timeline which is seen breaking LokiAlioth could have already been used in this way and could be used again either way Avengers: The Kang Dynasty or Secret Wars.

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The comical story of Alioth and Kang

In the 1993 Terminatrix Objective comic story, Alioth is the first being to break free from the overwhelming flow of time. It grows in power and reigns over all times, from the beginning of the Mutliversum to its end.

However, it is prevented from entering Kang’s realm and its multiversal city, Chronopolis.

Alioth Comics 1
Marvel Comics

At one point, Kang falls into a coma, allowing Terminatrix (Ravonna Renslayer) to seize this opportunity and take over his sprawling empire. This gives her the opportunity to explore the vast expanses of Kang’s realm and smash over the barrier that was holding Alioth at bay.

She bursts the temporal barrier in hopes of seeing what she is hiding, seemingly releasing Alioth and prompting the Specter to launch a full blown attack on Chronopolis.

Alioth comics 2
Marvel comics

This barrage from Alioth causes Terminatrix to revive Kang; However, it is too late as Alioth has consumed the Council of Time-spanning Kangs.

Terminatrix and Kang narrowly escape and enlist the Avengers’ help to bring down Alioth. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes enter the mysterious entity and activate Kang’s Chrono Key, transforming into the warrior hero Tempus.

Alioth comics 3
Marvel Comics

Tempus absorbs Alioth’s power, growing in size and eventually reaching cross-reality proportions, restoring the barrier between Alioth’s realm and Chronopolis.

Alioth will be held here in the future; However, it is eventually revealed that this was part of Kang’s plan all along.

Alioth comics 4
Marvel Comics

After allowing Alioth to bring down the Council of Kangs, slightly weakening Tempus, Kang allows the living storm to invade the Time Variance Authority, throwing the mysterious organization into turmoil.

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How the MCU will kill Kang

Aloth 2
Marvel Studios

After seeing how powerful Kang the Conqueror is Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaniamany wonder how exactly the MCU’s heroes even started thinking about defeating not just one of the big bad, but potentially infinite variants of Jonathan Majors.

But it seems like this weird connection between Kang/Council of Kangs and Alioth is a natural fit for what might eventually come to the big screen.

It doesn’t even seem to change too much here, the parts fit pretty naturally from where the MCU is.

What could be even more ominous, though, is if Marvel Studios wants to play with viewers who believe this exact storyline is coming. Maybe inside Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, Applying this solution, the heroes enlist the help of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, only to find out that this was Kang’s plan all along. Now they’ve given him what he wanted and possibly doomed the multiverse.

With a bunch of young heroes seemingly being used as the new leaders of the Avengers team, it might make sense to play into the villain’s hands given the team’s relative inexperience comes into play.

Rather than leave this revelation as a cliffhanger avenger 5 (similar to the grumpy ending of Infinite War), maybe this big twist is like Avengers: Secret Wars begins and throws a wrench into the multiverse these young heroes thought they had saved.

Whether it happens or not, if Marvel Studios wanted to use Alioth again, this time to defeat the Council of Kangs, they’ll have all the cards in hand, ready to play.

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Kang the Conqueror is in cinemas now Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

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