LoL Worlds 2022 Livestream: How To Watch The League of…

With the LoL Worlds Group Stage beginning, it’s time to figure out how to follow the event, right? Sure the Europeans are having a bad time, but with NA suffering due to time zones for the past 6 years, it’s about time the EU woke up at 3am too to watch their favorite team – T1.

RNG Lo L Worlds Play Ins
LoL Worlds 2022: Want to see every RNG game? We’ll show you how! | © Riot Games

The League of Legends World Championship kicks off its group stage with some exciting matches this weekend. T1 vs. EDG and G2 Esport will face their rival DAMWON KIA on day one! You can’t miss any of the action, so we’re going to help and let you know where and how to watch the LoL Worlds 2022 live stream.

Riot has multiple streams that you can watch in your language of choice and on whatever platform you’re most comfortable on. So let’s go through the details right away.

LoL Worlds 2022 Live Stream: All English Streams

As I’m writing in English, I assume you’ll want to check this out too LoL Worlds 2022 Group stage in English, right? So let’s quickly go through all the streams for the League of Legends World Championship.

However, if you want to be the biggest fan of League of Legends, we recommend watching from the side official LoLesports website. Why? Because when you log into your League of Legends account, you can get drops and rewards.

If you watch the first official game, you also have a guaranteed drop. Make sure you get these free icons, emotes and everything else the LoL World Championship has to offer you!

Missed a game? Don’t worry

If you haven’t heard your 3am alarm clock to catch the much-anticipated Gen.G vs. RNG duel, then worry not. You can always go to the Official LoLesports VODs Channel on YouTube to watch games you may have missed – or if you’ve already seen it but it was a total blast, you can watch it again, then this is the place to check again.

Watch LoL worlds in other languages

If the English cast isn’t what you’re looking for, don’t worry. You can follow the event in virtually any language of your choice, whether French, German or even Korean. With Worlds being the biggest international event of the year, Riot makes sure everyone has a chance to catch the LoL Worlds live stream.

So for everyone LoL Worlds fans Out there you have many viewing options on the internet for you. The language of your choice is also available, and if you’re watching on the LoL eSports official site, you can also change the language of the stream accordingly. Dead easy.

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