Marvel Contest Of Champions: Best Masteries

Without a doubt, Marvel remains the king of entertainment for superhero content. Fans can expect Marvel to dominate as they expand the MCU and feature heroes and villains that have never had a chance to make it to the big screen. The gaming industry has also had its share of well-received titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Even mobile gaming fans have a wide range of Marvel-themed games, the most popular of which are Marvel Contest of Champions and Marvel Future Fight.

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in the Marvel Contest of Championsplayers choose from hundreds of different heroes and villains to fight off the forces of evil. Aside from choosing a hero/villain, players must also choose championships that will either win or break their team. But players can only choose a select number of them, so choosing the right one is crucial if you want to win.


8th Attack – Precision

  • Increases the critical rating of all champions

New players seem to be drawn to investing their mastery points into greater strength or lower precision/cruelty since they unlock early, but the main goal for all players is to unlock precision and cruelty. Precision affects all champions’ critical rating, meaning even a 3-star champion can deal a massive amount of damage with each hit.

While Strength or Major Strength increases overall damage rating, it’s not nearly enough damage compared to Critical Damage. By investing 5 mastery points in Precision, players increase their Critical Rating of all champions by 425.

7 insult – cruelty

  • Increases the critical damage of all champions

Maxing out Precision Mastery means nothing if a player doesn’t also invest in Cruelty, as it increases critical damage rating. Cruelty increases critical damage by 475 points at max level, allowing champions like Red Hulk, Hulk, and Abomination to deal massive damage thanks to their Crit Boost synergies.

newcomers to Marvel Contest of Champions Those looking to take their critical damage total to a new level can invest in Lesser Cruelty as it increases it by 150 points. However, later on players should reinvest those mastery points into a better slot as the number of mastery attributes is limited.

6 Defense – Ointment

  • Passively restores health for 60 seconds

One of the best defensive abilities a champion can have MCOC is healing, which is why any 5-star champion with a healing ability is considered the best by the community. Salve is a must-have mastery in the defense tree because it heals champions in the first 60 seconds of a match.

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While it only heals 4 HP, it totals 240 HP restored, which can tip the odds in a player’s favor. However, players should keep in mind that this championship does not affect robot-type champions like Ultron. Luckily, some champions have special abilities geared toward robot-type characters, so players should consider using them if they plan to use a robot champion.

5 Defense – Recovery

  • Increases health recovery from any source

Undoubtedly the most important mastery for players to get the most out of it Marvel Contest of Champions is recovery as it increases health recovery from any source (passive, buff, or skill-based). Once players max this mastery, all of their champions gain a 15% increase in healing throughout the game.

As players can expect, Volley’s passive health restoration is also affected by this mastery, making it even more effective. Champions with passive healing abilities like Wolverine or Iron Man benefit the most from recovery, so players who choose to invest in them should consider using a cure-all team.

4 Defense – defensive competence

  • Increases defensive power

Most casual players tend to blaze a trail to win a match while ignoring one of the most important mechanics of Marvel Contest of Champions (and any fighting game): Block. Players who have mastered the art of blocking will be able to survive fights that seem impossible to beat, all thanks to blocking as it reduces incoming damage by quite a bit.

The Ward mastery further reduces incoming damage by 15% (max once). But of course, this mastery is only helpful if a player knows how to block efficiently. Luckily, players can practice their defensive skills by replaying simpler campaign stages or the various timed events.

3 Defense – Stand your ground

  • Increases block break resistance

Even if a player masters the art of blocking, there’s always a small chance that a rival champion will break through the block, knocking down the player’s champion. in the Marvel Contest of Championsthis is called Block Break, and some champions have specific synergies that increase the chance of Block Break.

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At this point, Stand Your Ground becomes a crucial master to the max as it increases the chance of resisting Block Break. Once maxed out, a champion has a 50% chance to resist Block Break. Some players choose not to invest in this mastery as they find it useless later in the game, but for new players this mastery can be a no brainer in certain situations.

2 Knowledge – Limber

One of the most annoying debuffs in Marvel Contest of Champions is Stun, making a player’s champion vulnerable to attacks. Additionally, some champions have abilities that can stun a character for 5 seconds, which is more than enough to KO them.

And while the skill mastery tree doesn’t have too many options that benefit a player, there are two that are worth a player’s mastery points. The first mastery players should master is Limber, as it reduces Stun duration by 48% (max once). This mastery would be very helpful Marvel’s Spider-Manespecially for the Electro boss fight, due to its abilities that stun the player.

1 Knowledge – Stupefy

As mentioned, Stun is one of the worst debuffs a player’s champion can take, which is why Stupefy is a must-have for any player. Stupefy increases stun duration by 0.5 seconds (once it’s maxed out), allowing the player to dish out quite a bit of damage before their rival recovers.

Players can make the most of stunning a champion by performing a Skill Attack or even an Ultimate Attack and either KO or close the enemy champion. But of course, not all champions can stun, so players should choose their team composition carefully in advance.

Marvel Contest of Championsis now available for Android and iOS.

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