Mass nutritional fortification, beer consumption, latest research findings and more

Metabolic Benefits of Salt? Role in increasing energy consumption worthy of further investigation

A study by researchers from Australia and China found that salt may have a positive metabolic effect by promoting negative energy balance to combat obesity, but given the negative consequences of high intakes on cardiovascular health, extensive further research is needed.

Salt intake has been found to regulate energy expenditure by stimulating non-shivering thermogenesis, a mechanism by which the body produces heat to adapt to the cold.

This could open the door to therapeutic uses, provided they didn’t lead to dire health consequences.

Strengthened future? China relies on mass fortification of staple foods to combat shortages – consultation open

The China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment (CFSA) has outlined a detailed proposal to mandate the nutritional fortification of a variety of staple foods, including food groups such as dairy, rice, wheat flour and vegetable oil, to boost public health and combat nutrient deficiencies .

According to these regulations, mass fortification is enforced according to the type of nutrients and the food group involved. For example, it would be mandatory to fortify pasteurized milk products or fermented milk products with vitamins A and D, rice and wheat with vitamins B1 and B2 and folic acid.

Food companies can also fortify these products with other types of nutrients on a voluntary basis.

Booze boost: New Kirin data shows China dominates global beer consumption rankings

According to Kirin’s latest Global Beer Consumption Report, which includes 2021 insights into beer consumption in 170 major markets worldwide, China has become the largest beer consuming country with a total consumption of 38.1 billion liters and a 20.5% share of the world market of the year developed share.

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