Meet Aella from the latest Lex Fridman podcast

The latest episode of Lex Fridman’s podcast features a woman named Aella, but who is she? Here’s everything you need to know about them.

In the episode, the computer scientist and podcaster talks about everything to do with sex, OnlyFans, dating, escort and much more.

Launched in 2018, the popular podcast has over 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube and explores the nature of intelligence, consciousness, love and power.

The 39-year-old has new guests every week, including Mr. Beast, Tim Dodd, Ben Shapiro and Kanye West.

However, the Aella episode caught everyone’s attention…



Who is Aella?

Aella is a sex researcher, writer and sex worker.

She has an OnlyFans profile where subscribers pay for their content, does extensive research on many sexual topics, and writes a blog.

A bio linked in her Twitter bio reveals that she was homeschooled by Christians in Idaho from birth to the end of high school.

She left home, lost her faith and didn’t get through to college, so she worked a series of junk jobs before turning to OnlyFans for money.

She now lives in Austin, Texas and enjoys research. She is currently working at her research institute for sexual fetishes.

Her blog covers a range of different topics, including sex, psychedelics, and social analysis, and has over 8,000 subscribers.

Aella is popular on Twitter where her profile is Aella girl has almost 150,000 followers.

That’s the only social media account, and she doesn’t have Instagram, but regularly posts tweets on the platform and interacts with fans.

She often does polls, asking people what they would do in a certain situation, or getting fans to guess things about her.

In the most recent she wrote: “Would you rather double your kindness and empathy skills or instantly receive $$$ equal to 3 times your current annual salary?”

“What is your general opinion about other people genetically modifying their children for the purpose of improvement?” other sees her ask.

Aella talks to Lex Fridman

Her conversation with Lex Fridman lasts almost four hours and covers a number of interesting topics.

They begin with a discussion of insecurity before moving on to sex, power and wealth, free will and consciousness in general.

Aella then talks about her childhood, dancing, casual sex and commuting before telling the podcaster all about her OnlyFans.

Other main topics are dating, escort, love, polyamory, monogamy, fetishes, dominance and subservience as well as psychedelics.

After talking about romance, body counts, the adult film industry, mortality and AI, she concludes with a speech about the meaning of life.

You can listen to the full podcast for free on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

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