Meet Eddy –Australia’s latest young eco-warrior

By Karen McGhee, Science and Environmental Editor

March 6, 2023

Full of energy, intelligent and eager to learn, he should be a great asset for the protection of the country’s biodiversity.

Eddy, a six-month-old Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla, is the first pup to join Zoo Victoria’s Wildlife Detection Dog Squad, a crack dog unit based at the Healesville Sanctuary, about 50km north-east of Melbourne’s CBD.

He is also the first of his kind to join the team, which includes a Kelpie cross named Kip, Lagotto Romagnolo Daisy, Border Collie Finn and Labrador Moss.

Specifically, the unit’s role is to monitor some of Zoo Victoria’s 27 local Priority Threatened species, including the Baw Baw Frog and the Common Wanderer. (see for a full list)

Those who know Eddy best say he still needs a bit of mental and emotional development before he will be ready to step up and perform as part of Elite Zoo Victoria’s Wildlife Detection Dog Squad.

“He will probably mature for about 12 months before we have any expectations of him,” confirms Chris Hartnett, Endangered Species Program Coordinator, Zoos Victoria.

But once he’s grown up and has completed his full education, he’s expected to play a big role in wildlife conservation in Victoria.


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