Megyn Kelly says Harry and Meghan won’t come back after South Park savaged them in latest episode

By Stephen M. Lepore for Dailymail.Com

20:09 February 18, 2023, updated 20:50 February 18, 2023

  • Megyn Kelly thinks South Park’s satire will be the beginning of the end
  • The former Fox and NBC host opened up about it on her SiriusXM show on Friday
  • “I think that’s one explanation that they jumped the shark,” she said

Megyn Kelly believes South Park’s wild satire of Meghan and Harry will be the beginning of the former royals’ demise.

Kelly said Friday on her SiriusXM show with National Review’s Jim Geraghty and Michael Brendan Dougherty that the long-running Comedy Central cartoon was a sign it was over for her.

“I think that’s a declaration that they’ve jumped the shark, they’re not loved, and their hopes of running for president are pretty much dashed,” Kelly said.

The Duchess of Sussex has become more involved in politics of late, with rumors of presidential ambitions only surfacing last summer. Her biographer went so far as to describe a White House offer as “probable.”

“That’s not happening,” Kelly added. “If ‘South Park’ comes against you, there’s no turning back.”

Megyn Kelly believes South Park’s wild satire of Meghan and Harry will be the beginning of the former royals’ demise

Fans and critics alike took to social media to react to South Park’s latest satire on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

From creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the show follows the young royals, the Prince and Princess of Canada, as they fly around the world on a Global Privacy Tour to promote his autobiography, Aaargh.

Following the release of Wednesday’s episode, many were quick to post their reactions online, saying that even 26 years on the show “has the best writers in the game by far!”.

Others said the episode brought them back after becoming bored with the show years ago, while attracting new viewers to never having heard of South Park before.

The episode focused on a red-haired prince and his wife from Canada who are frustrated with public attention after a family feud.

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The show has previously used Canada as a stand-in for other countries. In season 19, Canada’s new president – who bears more than a resemblance to Donald Trump – is attempting to build a giant border wall to keep Americans out.

The show attracted new viewers including Twitter user Canellelabelle, who said: “I’ve never heard of this show before but THIS is hilarious! They summed up exactly how we all view this annoying duo.”

Twitter user Pièce de Résistance, who said they got bored with South Park “years ago,” said they could watch the controversial episode, “which, [by the way] That’s exactly why Trey and Matt did a Harry and Meghan episode,” they said.

Kelly said Friday on her SiriusXM show with National Review’s Jim Geraghty and Michael Brendan Dougherty that the long-running Comedy Central cartoon was a sign it was over for her
“I think that’s a declaration that they’ve jumped the shark, they’re not loved, and their hopes of running for president are pretty much dashed,” Kelly said
The prince and princess decide to flee Canada after “bashing up” the monarchy

The latest South Park aired on Comedy Central on Wednesday and was aimed at Harry and Meghan

South Park announced that Wednesday’s episode would air on Twitter

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“They will ruthlessly mock everything.”

“It just means [Harry and Meghan] are famous enough to attract viewers.

It’s unclear how widespread the episode’s success was, as ShowBuzzDaily reported that the show only drew 556,000 viewers.

South Park is notorious for stalking popular culture figures.

While some of the last few seasons have played with “themes,” ridiculing political correctness, gentrification, and publicity, among other things, the show has generally been very broad in who and what it taunts over the past 26 seasons.

Routine portrayals of Mormons — the makers also wrote the hit series The Book of Mormon — have drawn criticism from members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The depiction of different religious and social communities has for many years drawn widespread backlash from across the political spectrum.

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The duo’s animation targets a mix of targets, including religions big and small, pop singers, Republican and Democratic presidents, climate change activism and climate change denial.

The episode itself begins with Kyle’s younger brother Ike, who was adopted from Canada, heartbroken at the news that the Queen of Canada – who resembles the late Queen Elizabeth II – is dead.

The Prince and Princess of Canada are spotted at a grand state funeral where they are booed by the rest of the royal family, who are accused of crushing the Canadian monarchy.

Fans took to Twitter to praise South Park creators, writers and voice actors Parker and Stone

Some credited the attention to detail in the satire that has ridiculed popular figures and topics of conversation for years

Host Oprah Winfrey has appeared in several episodes in South Park since 2000

The show has reportedly won back some viewers for its portrayal of the royals

…and other viewers who hadn’t heard of the series before watching the episode

Against the backlash, the couple appear on breakfast TV to demand their privacy.

When the prince arrives on the set of Good Morning Canada with a book he wants to promote, he holds up a placard that reads, “We want privacy,” while the princess’s banner reads, “Stop looking at us.” .”

The presenter asks if he has now become a journalist himself by covering the royal family for his new book Waaagh, although he hates them.

“We just want to be normal people — all this attention is so hard,” replies the prince.

The pair are challenged by the presenter, who questions how much they desire privacy, and the royals storm off the set.

The Prince and Princess arrive on the set of Good Morning Canada to boo and hold up placards

In Paris, locals watch in amusement as the couple chant, “We want our privacy!!”

The pair hop on their private jet and embark on a global tour of We Want Privacy, complete with dancing rainbows and a catchy theme song.

They visit France and India, where they sing their privacy-friendly slogans to amused locals — and even a field full of kangaroos during a pit stop in Australia.

Eventually, they settle in the quiet town of South Park, Colorado.

“If we moved here, people would think we were really serious about wanting to be normal.”

The royals clash with the locals, arriving with a drum kit and demanding privacy from the neighbors.

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Kyle wakes up one morning to find the house covered in magazines depicting the princess.

This includes a cover that closely resembles that of The Cut magazine after it did a cover interview with Meghan last summer.

When Kyle confronts the royals, the princess yells, “He victimized me!”

The prince jumps to defend his wife.

‘That’s a scandal!’ he cries. ‘Let’s see how he handles my blue penis!’

This appears to refer to a case of frostbite described in Harry’s autobiography, Spare.

The prince and princess turn to a crudely named marketing agency to protect their privacy.

“There’s this horrible spy who lives across from us,” explains the prince.

The branding manager says he already has a file on the princess that she created a few years ago.

“I already have your brand: sorority girl, actress, influencer, and victim,” he tells her.

The Prince’s mark is defined as: “Royal Prince, Millionaire, World Traveler, Victim”.

Across the street, the Prince and Princess of Canada can be seen peering through a window as Kyle inspects their handwork

The prince suddenly has an aha moment in the agency and realizes that he doesn’t want to be a brand.

“Trying to make us a brand just made us products,” explains the Canadian prince.

“No more magazines and Netflix shows, we can just live normal lives!”

He gets up to leave and heads for the door – but his wife stays at the brand company.

“Come on honey, we don’t need this place!” he says. ‘Honey?’

The prince goes alone.

Kyle returns to his friends, who invite him to play.

Then the prince comes and asks if he can play too.

He pulls out his drum kit.

While many fans enjoyed the narration, others had less than positive reactions.

Twitter’s Kitty, who says she’s been a fan since it debuted in 1997, said the show wasn’t a “homage” but a mockery of Harry and Meghan.

User Ryan Craig took issue with the satire himself, saying the creators were “just grasping at straws.”

NativeBrony_91 gave the episode a rather average rating of 6 out of 10.

South Park’s original tweet was viewed 265,1000 times and liked 3,823 times.


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