Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Fulgurbug

To get Fulgurbug in Monster Hunter Rise or its Sunbreak expansion, players must hunt down Zinogre and try to knock the monster on its back.

To craft the Zinogre Helm variants for low, high and master ranks Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Hunters must acquire a unique material known as a Fulgurbug. This resource was also available in iceborn extension of World of Monster Hunters and used to craft various weapons and parts from the Zinogre armor set. In this previous iteration of the franchise’s ongoing series, players had to use their bug-catching net monster hunter to acquire Fulgurbug from Zinogre’s fluffy back. However, since the Capture Net tool is no longer available in Monster Hunter Ascensionmany hunters are probably confused as to how to get these symbiotic electric bugs.


in the Monster Hunter Ascensionacquiring Fulgurbug from Zinogre has become an easier task than in World. Players must first stun the Fanged Wyvern to make it fall to the ground. Once the monster has fallen, players must approach the beast and allow their Hunter model to come in contact with the creature’s body. When Hunters are this close to Zinogre, an action prompt will appear, allowing players to collect multiple Fulgurbugs from the monster as if the material were a harvestable plant Monster Hunter Ascension.

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One of the easiest ways to take down Zinogre with little effort is to use a puppet spider, which can be found in every game locale. For example, YouTuber JRPG Mickey provided some gameplay footage showing how they managed to get Fulgurbug from Zinogre using a puppet spider found in Area 5 of the Shrine Ruins.

Get Fulgurbug from Zinogre in Monster Hunter Rise

Next, they went to the target monster and placed the spider, making the Fanged Wyvern rideable. After several falls, Zinogre will fall, allowing players to freely collect the Fulgurbug from behind Monster Hunter Ascension.

Of course, this isn’t the only technique to knock down Zinogre Monster Hunter Ascension. Other endemic creatures like the puppet spider sun break or Blastoad, can also cause the Fanged Wyvern to fall to the ground. Luring another monster to fight Zinogre is also a good way to bring in Fulgurbug Monster Hunter Ascension. Manually KO’ing the monster by attacking its head will cause Zinogre’s skull to take increased damage from projectile damage. However, both severing and blunting are also effective. It should be noted that Zinogre does not need to be charged for Fulgurbug to spawn, as it will always have a fixed amount on its back from the start of the hunt.

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Source: JRPG Mickey

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