MultiVersus: Best Perks and Builds For Every Character

Advantage 1: triple jump

Advantage 2: Kryptonian skin

Advantage 3: wildcat bat

Superman is definitely one of the most versatile characters in MultiVersus as far as builds go. While I tend to prefer Sniper Punch simply because it greatly improves Superman’s basic attacks, you really can make an effective Superman build out of any of this character’s signature perks.

Kryptonian Skin and Wildcat Brawler are obvious companions to Sniper Punch, but I actually like combining these with the seemingly conflicting Triple Jump perk. With this perk, you can take Superman’s already great aerial skills a little more, while still favoring a slightly more grounded offensive style.

MultiVersus: Best Taz Perks and Build

Signature: I have to go in there!

Advantage 1: Percussive clout

Advantage 2: Last Stand

Advantage 3: wildcat bat

I Gotta Get In There really seems to be Taz’s best signature perk by far right now. While it’s not as good as it used to be (which goes for most things Taz as a fighter), it’s still an almost always useful tool for most fights.

The rest of these abilities simply encompass Taz’s bruiser nature. Percussive punch power is an undeniable must, and Wildcat Brawler is always a solid choice for ground-based characters. The same goes for Last Stand, although you can play around with this particular perk slot if you wish.

MultiVersus: Best Tom and Jerry Perks and Build

Signature: Dynamite split

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Advantage 1: Let it rain dog!

Advantage 2: Coffeezilla

Advantage 3: Shirt Cannon Sniper

There aren’t many truly effective projectile-based fighters out there MultiVersus, but Tom and Jerry currently offer the best argument for adopting this strategy. In fact, Dynamite Split is one of the absolute best projectile-based perks in the game.

The rest of these perks are designed to make Tom and Jerry’s projectiles just that little bit better. Make it Rain and Shirt Cannon contribute directly to this goal, while Coffeezilla can greatly reduce Tom and Jerry’s sometimes devastating cooldowns.

MultiVersus: Best Velma Perks and Build

Signature: Educated

Advantage 1: killshot

Advantage 2: Coffeezilla

Advantage 3: ice cream to hit you!

While Velma recently had to be floored in favor MultiVersus‘ Long-term health, she is still a great all-round support character. In fact, her Studied perk (which allows her to summon a police car even faster) is still reason enough to pick her.

The rest of Velma’s abilities try to get the most out of her projectiles. Of the three, Ice to Beat You is probably the most “must-have”. I find it gives Velma’s core abilities the immediate impact they sometimes lack. Even so, you might prefer a more support-based skill that empowers your teammate.

MultiVersus: Best Perks and Build of Wonder Woman

Signature: Whip of Hephaestus

Advantage 1: Kryptonian skin

Advantage 2: Stronger than ever

Advantage 3: back to back

While some people seem to prefer Shield Of Athena over Whip of Hephaestus, the latter really stands out for me. I find it gives Wonder Woman that extra offensive ability that her core kit is sometimes lacking.

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That being said, I’m assuming more of a tank-only role with the rest of these Wonder Woman perks. Kryptonian Skin is a great choice for most tanks, while Stronger Than Ever and Back to Back allow Wonder Woman to act more as a support character who happens to be incredibly tough and able to hold her own.

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