NBA strength of schedule breakdown: Nuggets stare down easiest road; Lakers look to rack up ‘schedule wins’

Every year we hear complaints from different teams and fan bases about the unfairness of their given schedule. Some of these complaints are legitimate, some are not. There will be simpler schedules than others.

There is also an objective way to measure these claims.

Positive Residual, a sports analysis site, has an NBA schedule tracker that analyzes various schedule factors, including schedule strength (using a combination of opponent strength, rest, and elevation) and playing with a rest advantage.

Through his tool we can see which teams really have the hardest and easiest schedules.

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The NBA’s Easiest and Hardest Schedules for 2022-23

Based on Positive Residual’s methodology, the Nuggets have the easiest schedule in the league while the Spurs have the most difficult.

Here is the full list:

  1. nuggets
  2. jazz
  3. hawks
  4. wood wolves
  5. Cavaliers
  6. dollar
  7. grizzlies
  8. to sunbathe
  9. Celts
  10. clippers
  11. birds of prey
  12. heat
  13. 76er
  14. outsider
  15. lakers
  16. pelicans
  17. warrior
  18. nets
  19. hornets
  20. cops
  21. Trailblazer
  22. kings
  23. wizard
  24. pacemaker
  25. curtsy
  26. Pistons
  27. magic
  28. rockets
  29. thunder
  30. spores

Teams with the most planned wins in the NBA

There are many games during the season where a well-recovered team meets an opponent at the end of a tackle. These are often viewed as projected gains and losses. Positive residual also tracks them.

They’re not evenly distributed, and some teams have clear reasons to be unhappy. The Lakers have the most planned victories on their plate, the Hornets the fewest.

  1. lakers
  2. hawks
  3. birds of prey
  4. kings
  5. wood wolves
  6. Cavaliers
  7. to sunbathe
  8. thunder
  9. nuggets
  10. outsider
  11. jazz
  12. 76er
  13. magic
  14. pelicans
  15. dollar
  16. grizzlies
  17. Pistons
  18. wizard
  19. clippers
  20. rockets
  21. nets
  22. Trailblazer
  23. warrior
  24. cops
  25. Celts
  26. heat
  27. pacemaker
  28. spores
  29. curtsy
  30. hornets
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Teams with the most plan losses in the NBA

Conversely, it often happens that a tired team meets a rested opponent.

The Clippers have the most plan losses, the Suns the fewest.

  1. clippers
  2. warrior
  3. spores
  4. cops
  5. kings
  6. thunder
  7. wood wolves
  8. pacemaker
  9. nuggets
  10. wizard
  11. Trailblazer
  12. curtsy
  13. pelicans
  14. heat
  15. outsider
  16. Cavaliers
  17. nets
  18. jazz
  19. 76er
  20. hornets
  21. Celts
  22. hawks
  23. magic
  24. dollar
  25. grizzlies
  26. lakers
  27. Pistons
  28. birds of prey
  29. rockets
  30. to sunbathe

The Positive Residual schedule tracker is an interesting way to look at schedules during the off-season, but towards the end of the season in the heat of the playoffs it’s even more useful as it’s constantly updated.

Be sure to check out the tool if your team is in the process of seeding battles.

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