Nevin’s explanations on latest LA Angels Opening Day roster decisions are on point

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Angels made their next round of roster cuts. These cuts included players that fans wanted to see on the opening day roster, such as Ben Joyce and Mickey Moniak.

It’s always difficult to cut young players who are performing well from the squad and these guys have played particularly well. Moniak was the top hitter on the team, and Joyce probably had the best stuff of anyone not named Shohei Ohtani.

Despite the potential of these players, the Angels made the right decision by sending them down. Nevin’s reasons, highlighted in Jeff Fletcher’s latest article, make a lot of sense

What Nevin said about Mickey Moniak and the reason he was sent down was that he wasn’t going to play enough. The same can be said of Jo Adell but he didn’t really stand a chance with his performance.

The Angels have a set outfield with Taylor Ward, Mike Trout and Hunter Renfroe left to right. They will be in the lineup every day barring injuries. On days off, the Angels have players like Luis Rengifo, Brandon Drury and Jared Walsh who they like to use in corners with. Taylor Ward is a guy that Nevin says can play in midfield. Since all of these players were better than Moniak, he was left with very little opportunity to play.

“Jo and Mickey had great pens. They did everything we asked them to do. You’ve grown a lot. At the end of the day they have to play.”

Phil Nevin on Jeff Fletcher OC Register

Brett Phillips will make up the team but will be used on defense and baserunning. He won’t start often, if ever. He will have a very defined role. As much as Angels fans don’t want to hear it, he’ll be an important play late in a tight game on the bases and outfield.

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If the Angels struggle with an outfield injury (which likely takes into account Trout and Ward’s injury history), Moniak will step up and get his shot. Playing in AAA every day is best for him and the Angels for 2023 and beyond. Remember he is 24 years old.

Continue to ben Joyce. The young right-hander looked untouchable in early spring, even when hitting 104mph with his fastball. You can see why the angels chose him and why they are so high on him. I wish he had made it onto this team, but I can’t disagree with Nevin’s logic as to why he didn’t.

“He gets there. At the end of the day, he needs to pitch more innings. In terms of material, he’s there, but there are other things.”

Phil Nevin on Jeff Fletcher OC Register

No one denies what Joyce has, but he has been playing walksux batters in 6.2-innings pitched this spring. He had trouble finding his way around, especially with his minor matters. MLB hitters can sit on his 103-mile fastball if Joyce can’t find all of his pitches. Joyce has only 13 professional innings under his belt. There’s no reason to throw him in the fire when the Angels have someone like Andrew Wantz who has proven he can get out on that stage.

Another reason Joyce probably shouldn’t be getting up right now is that he hasn’t courted in consecutive days. Not once. Having a one-inning reliever unavailable every other day puts a lot of strain on the rest of the bullpen. Make him prove he can pitch on consecutive days.

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Finally, Nevin says helpers Jacob Webb and Austin Warren are both impressed and will eventually join the team. The Angels used 25 different pitchers for relief last season. The seven or eight who are with the team on opening day won’t last the whole year, whether through injury or just poor performance. Joyce, Warren and Webb will all get their shots.

The Angels are well-equipped to navigate a 162-game season. Players demanding fans will see time in the bigs this season.


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