New BC Public Sector Salaries Database is out. How to support our work

It takes months to collect, organize, and analyze the salaries of more than 100,000 public employees who work in government, police, healthcare, and more.

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Salary information for over 100,000 public employees making over $75,000 in BC is now available for you to search in the latest edition of our public sector payroll database.

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For many months, Vancouver Sun data journalist Nathan Griffiths collected and organized publicly available information from dozens of sources, including provincial departments, local governments, Crown companies, school districts, health departments and more. The database also includes the salaries of mayors and council members, many of whom work part-time and earn less than $75,000.

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Unlike Ontario, the BC government does not provide this data in a searchable format. The Vancouver Sun has invested significant time and resources in this project to show where your tax dollars are going and to show trends in the highest-paid public employees.

Griffiths and reporter Lori Culbert analyzed the data and conducted additional research that resulted in a series of four stories available only to subscribers this week.

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Read about the huge gender gap that still exists in the upper echelons of public service. How a University Dominates the List of Highest-Paid Academics. The pandemic effect on healthcare wages. And why more than 200 police officers took home more than $150,000 – almost all from the same department.

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Vancouver Sun | The province

The BC Public Sector Salaries Database: 11th Edition

Search by job, industry, last name, or position in the fields below. More information on using the database can be found here. If you are reading this on our mobile app and would like to search the database, click here.

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We have processed the data. Here’s what we discovered:

These stories are reserved for our paying subscribers. If you don’t already have a subscription, consider supporting our journalism today – we have an excellent offer HERE.

The list of BC’s 100 highest paid civil servants shows that it’s still a rich world: According to our research, more than half (57%) of government employees are women, but of the province’s 100 wage earners, 72% are men.

• Next Thursday: A look at the 50 highest earning post-secondary schools in BC. (Note: 47 of these work at a university.)

Next Friday: There has been a big jump in median salaries in the healthcare sector over the past three years. What explains the salary increases?

Next Saturday: A detailed look at police officer and firefighter salaries in BC

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