New fan art envisions post-time skip Sasuke sporting a beard

After the release of Boruto Chapter 80 on April 20, 2023, the Boruto Manga went on hiatus for three months. As a result, there have been multiple theories and leaks about the upcoming chapter, the most likely of which is that it will appear Boruto Timeskip. Ever since the time skip theory was leaked, the internet has been inundated with fan speculation about the upcoming chapter.

Online, however, discussions about the development of character art for various characters are going on alongside theories about the upcoming chapter. For example, a fan art by Reddit user u/-SoulArtist showing Sasuke after his time jump and posted to r/Boruto has garnered a lot of attention. Boruto Fans have treasured the fan art since its release.

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Boruto In the new fan art, fans can be seen raving about Sasuke with beards

He is familiar with the popular character Sasuke, also known as Sasuke of the Sharingan Boruto fans. Many people have already produced Sasuke fan art that has garnered a great deal of public interest, and once again new fan art has emerged.

This new Sasuke fan art, which has gained widespread popularity, features Sasuke with beards. The fan art was created by Reddit user u/-SoulArtist- and immediately gained notoriety as soon as it was posted to the r/Boruto subreddit. At the time of writing this article, the fan art had already received 164 comments and more than 1.5k upvotes.

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In the picture, Sasuke not only has a beard, but also an eye patch on one eye. The illustration shows only Sasuke’s face and not his entire body. In addition to Sasuke with beards, the user also created Sasuke’s Mangekyou sharingan on a page. Additionally, the user who posted the illustration added the caption “What I think Sasuke should look like post time warp” to the image.

However, it should be noted that this is not the first time the user has created or shared fan art as the piece was shared by u/-SoulArtist. The user has previously frequently shared fan art, including sketches of well-known characters such as Roxas, Tsuyu, Naruto, Blood Devil, and independent works.

How the Boruto fans reacted?

Once the Sasuke fan art has been shared, Boruto Fans started leaving various comments on the post. One fan endorsed the bearded Sasuke, wondering if since time has frozen where Naruto is, would he remain unchanged while everyone around him ages. Another person noted that Sauske’s side profile was attractive and that it would be great if he took on the archetype of the withered ancient warrior of great power.

Another fan commented on Uchiha’s lack of beard growth, and another user responded by citing Madara, who had never shaved for decades and had tons of chakra and hashirama cells to increase his power, but still had no beards . Again the user replied and wrote that it was true that he didn’t have beards until he was 80 or 90 and that Uchiha doesn’t have beards and these balance their strength.

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While another user noted that beards and a lot of fire style jutsu probably wouldn’t go well together, Uchiha beards on fire. According to the user, the Uchihas may have evolved over generations without having facial hair in their genes. Another user agreed, saying the comment wasn’t stupid at all.

As more and more comments are poured out as fans can’t contain their excitement, many of them support the idea that Susuke should have a beard, while others argue that Sasuke wouldn’t look good because he has a baby face.

Consequently, Sasuke’s new avatar offers fans something new. Fans can now debate whether or not Sasuke should grow a beard instead of waiting for the next chapter, which comes out on August 20, 2023.

Stay tuned for more anime and manga updates throughout 2023.

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