Neymar confirms clash with PSG Sporting Director –

Neymar has confirmed he was involved in a dispute with PSG sporting director Luis Campos on Saturday but questions how the information came to light in the media.

PSG suffered a disappointing 3-1 defeat in Monaco on Saturday and post-match reports in France claimed Neymar took his frustration out on his team-mates and Campos in the dressing room.

Ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League round of 16 first leg against Bayern Munich, Neymar said the confrontation in the dressing room was part of football.

“It happened, a little discussion, we didn’t agree. It’s part of football,” he said at a press conference on Monday. “Things happen every day. But I love them all.

“It’s like my girlfriend. Football is not just love and friendship. There is respect, but there has to be disagreement, and sometimes discussion is needed to help you improve.

“We’re not used to losing, so of course that can bother us when we’re losing games. But it’s part of the process of getting better.”

The Brazil international also said he was frustrated that rumors about him continued to surface during his PSG career.

“Sometimes there are rumors that appear in the press with malicious intent,” he added. “It goes around the world very quickly. A lot of people see it and sometimes it’s lies, it’s complicated.

“It’s my sixth season at PSG and it’s not easy. Since my arrival, rumors have appeared at key moments of the season. There are always rumours.

“Honestly, I don’t know what to do about it. I am not responsible. I’m a player in the club. But it bothers the coach and my team-mates, so we have to try to find out what’s going on because it can’t be that everything that happens in our dressing room ends up in the press.

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“It’s very sad because there are issues that can stay between us. We must not make it come out of our dressing room, for families and friends.

“We fight together for the same goal. We must go together. When information like this leaks out, we get angry, but it’s difficult to figure out where the leak is coming from. I guarantee you that a lot of information is wrong, even if some of it is true. It’s part of the lies.”

PSG have already lost four times in all competitions since the start of the year, but coach Christophe Galtier is confident his side will find form in the Champions League.

“I know that my team will be able to cope with the situation,” he said at a press conference on Monday. “I don’t think Bayern are the favourites. It’s 50-50. It’s a Champions League game.

“No one will be qualified after tomorrow’s game. Bayern have been better lately and for some reason that’s not the case with us, but tomorrow I have a bigger squad available.”

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