Neymar CONFIRMS he had angry showdown with team-mate Marquinhos and sporting director Luis Campos

  • The PSG duo clashed with Campos after he stormed the team’s dressing room
  • Neymar said it was important to communicate after the defeat
  • He now wants to find out how the information leaked from the club

Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar has sensationally confirmed a furious showdown involving himself, team-mate Marquinhos and sporting director Luis Campos – and then launched the hunt for the mole in the dressing room.

Reports here in France this week showed that Campos had stormed into the team’s dressing room after Saturday’s 3-1 defeat in Monaco. He accused the players of a lack of aggression, but some took offense at his intervention.

At the forefront of the revolt were Neymar and compatriot Marquinhos, with a heated argument raging after the team’s fourth defeat in 2023.

It was therefore a surprise when Neymar spoke to the press ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League round of 16 game against Bayern Munich here at the Parc des Princes.

And he refused to dodge a question about the weekend bankruptcy, smiling when asked before embarking on a three-minute monologue.

Neymar confirmed there was a showdown between him, Marquinhos and Luis Campos
Marquinhos (left) is said to have been involved in the dispute over PSG’s recent defeat
Campos (centre) is said to have stormed the PSG dressing room after the 3-1 defeat by Monaco

“It happened,” he said. “We didn’t agree with what was said at the time, so we had a discussion about that. I talk to my friends every day and I love them all. It’s the same with my girlfriend.

“We all talk about football. Football is about communication. Of course there is respect on both sides, and sometimes there is disagreement. So there could be a discussion to improve the team, the atmosphere, our game.

“We’ve lost a couple of games and we’re frustrated by that. We want to win all the time. When defeats like this come, it hurts, so discussions are part of it. That can help us improve as a team. I think it helped because we sorted things out. We know what we’re all thinking.

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“In terms of blocking things like that in the dressing room, sometimes there are things that get into the press and they can go viral very quickly. If there is such information, we are angry. It’s my sixth season here at PSG and it’s difficult. Sometimes things came out at important moments, like before a final. But I don’t know what was going on.

“As a player and teammate here, it doesn’t just affect me, but everyone and the coach. We have to find out what’s happening. Things in the dressing room shouldn’t come out. That’s sad. There are things that need to be solved internally and not on the street.

“You do that with your friends and family and your teammates. You are with everyone every day. We have to stay together, so it’s annoying that these things are coming out. I’m sure there will be more in the future. It’s all part of football.”

PSG have long been plagued by stories of unrest off the pitch and this week saw fresh speculation about the future of Neymar and Lionel Messi, whose contract expires this summer. Last year there were reports of tensions between Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, who was made fit for the visit to Bayern Munich.

Neymar was defensive when asked if he was confident of finding his best form again after scoring just once in Ligue 1 since the World Cup.

There is uncertainty about Lionel Messi’s (centre) future at PSG this season

“I feel good,” he said. “There were certain games that didn’t go well, but I’ve always tried to give everything I can. I’ve been a professional for 15 years, I know how it’s done. Situations happen and criticism is justified. Everyone has an opinion. I respect that.

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“But I will play the game as I know it and give everything for the team. I will continue to do so.’

He added: “We have that ability as a team. I have a lot of faith in myself. I know what I’m capable of. I’m also very humble. It’s an important game and I’m confident we can put in a good performance. We know what we have to do.’

Neymar insisted he is feeling good despite having only scored once in Ligue 1 since the World Cup

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