NFL Draft Rounds 4-7 start time, channel and streaming: How to watch guide

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The first three rounds of the 2023 NFL Draft are in the books. Rounds 4-7 are scheduled for Saturday and begin at 12 p.m. ET with the New Orleans Saints starting in 103rd place.

Finally, on Friday, Will Levis and Hendon Hooker were selected, a pair of quarterbacks with perceived first-round worth. Their new teams’ decisions — along with other quarterback-centric ratings in the league — could serve as teasers for future moves at the position, Jeff Howe reports. Meanwhile, the Steelers selected Penn State CB Joey Porter Jr. with the first pick in the second round. Porter is the son of former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Joey Porter.

In Round 1, the Panthers selected No. 1 Bryce Young from Alabama, the Eagles traded for Georgia’s Jalen Carter and Will Levis from Kentucky suffered a shocking fall. Seven draft night trades were made on the first night, three of which were pulled by the Cardinals, who dealt their #3 to the Texans (who picked Will Anderson) and then traded with the Lions to get back at the top 10 (to select Paris Johnson).

To catch up on what you missed on Thursday and Friday, here are the team-by-team ratings.

When does Round 4 of the NFL Draft begin?

Rounds 4-7 will take place on Saturday from 12:00 p.m. ET and will run until approximately 7:00 p.m. ET.

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How to watch the NFL Draft

All 259 picks made during the seven rounds of the NFL Draft will be broadcast on ABC, ESPN and NFL Network. Fans can also stream the draft on fuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, or the ESPN and NFL apps. Fans without cables or subscriptions to the above streaming services can catch the show on ABC with a digital antenna picking up local networks. Viewers in Canada can watch the draft on TSN or stream it on DAZN.


NFL Draft Viewer’s Guide: Why ESPN, NFL Network are excited about the QBs

Who are the top players remaining in the draft?

before thursday, the athlete‘s Dane Brugler ranked the top 300 prospects available in the draft and pool. On Saturday, here are the top 10 players Brugler says are available:

  1. Georgia CB Kelee Ringo (No. 36 overall)
  2. Cincinnati WR Tyler Scott (No. 48)
  3. Utah CB Clark Phillips III (No.53)
  4. Ohio State OT Dawand Jones (#62)
  5. South Carolina CB Darius Rush (No. 63)
  6. Northwest Rim Adetomiwa Adebawore (No. 68)
  7. Texas A&M S. Antonio Johnson (#70)
  8. NC State G Chandler Zavala (No. 77)
  9. Wisconsin LB Nick Herbig (No. 79)
  10. Northwestern CB Cameron Mitchell (#85).

The list of the best NFL drafts available is updated with each selection.

How many picks are in the NFL draft?

There are 259 picks over seven rounds.

Under normal circumstances, the draft would have 32 slots and 32 picks in Round 1 since there are so many teams in the league. But that’s not the case this year.

The opening night of the 2023 draft had just 31 picks and 31 slots because the Miami Dolphins lost their 2023 first-round pick (No. 21 overall) and a third-round pick in the 2024 NFL draft.

On March 9, the NFL announced 37 compensatory draft picks among 16 teams for the 2023 draft. Compensatory picks are positioned within the third through seventh rounds based on the value of the lost compensatory free agents.


49ers have 7 2023 NFL draft compensatory picks

And if you’re interested in playing detective, check out a profile of the most overlooked player in the draft to see if you can uncover Prospect X’s identity.

What is the draft order for rounds 4-7?

round 4

103. Saints (of Bears)

104. Texans

105. Texans (from Cardinals)

106. Foal

107. Patriots (by Rams)

108. Seahawks (by Broncos)

109. Robber

110. Colts (from Titans to Falcons)

111. Brown

112. Jets

113. Falcon


115. Bears (from Saints)

116. Packer

117. Patriots

118. Commanders

119. Vikings (by Lions)

120th Patriots (from Steelers)

121. Jaguars (by Bucs)

122nd Cardinals (from Dolphins to Chiefs and Lions)

123. Seahawks

124. Ravens

125. Chargers

126. Browns (by Vikings)

127. Jaguars

128. Rams (by Giants)

129. Cowboys

130. Jaguars (by Bills)

131. Bengal

132nd Steelers (from 49ers to Panthers)

133. Bears (by Eagles)

134. Chiefs

135th Patriots (compensatory)

round 5

136. Jaguars (from Bears)

137. Bills (by Cardinals)

138. Foal

139. Cardinals (from Lions to Broncos)

140. Browns (by Rams)

141. Stallions (by Raiders)

142. Brown

143. Jets

144. Raiders (from Falcons)


146. Saints

147. Titans

148. Bears (from Patriots from Ravens)

149. Packer

150. Commanders

151. Seahawks (by Steelers)

152. Lions

153. Bucs

154. Seahawks

155. 49ers (by Dolphins)

156. Chargers

157. Ravens

158. Vikings

159. Packer (from lions to jaguars and falcons)

160. Jaguars (by Giants)

161. Texans (from Cowboys)

162. Stallions (by Bills)

163. Bengal

164. Vikings (of 49ers)

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165. Bears (from Saints)

166. Chiefs

167. Aries (compensatory)

168th Cardinals (from Lions to Cardinals compensatory)

169. Cowboys (compensatory)

170th Jets (by Packers compensatory)

171. Aries (compensatory)

172. Giants (compensatory)

173. 49ers (equalizer)

174th Raiders (compensatory)

175. Bucs (compensatory)

176. Colts (compensated by Cowboys)

177. Aries (compensatory)

round 6

178. Chiefs (from Bears from Dolphins)

179th Packer (from Bucs to Texans)

180. Cardinals

181. Bucs (by Colts)

182. Aries

183. Broncos (from Lions to Broncos)

184. Patriots (from Raiders)

185. Jaguars (by Jets)

186. Titans (by Falcon)

187. Patriots (from Panthers)

188. Eagles (from Texans to Saints)

189. Aries (of Titans)

190. Brown

191. Rams (by Packers)

192. Patriots

193. Commanders

194. Chiefs (by Lions)

195th Broncos (by Steelers)

196. Bucs

197. Dolphins

198. Seahawks

199. Ravens

200. Chargers

201. Texans (by Vikings)

202. Jaguars

203. Texans (by Giants)

204. Hunter (from Cowboys)

205. Bills

206. Bengal

207th Packers (from 49ers from Texans from Jets)

208. Jaguars (by Eagles)

209. Giants (by Chiefs)

210th Patriots (compensatory)

211. Vikings (compensatory)

212. Cowboys (compensatory)

213. Cardinals (compensatory)

214. Robber (compensatory)

215th Commanders (compensatory)

216th 49ers (Equalizer)

217th Bengals (compensatory by Chiefs)

round 7

218. Bears

219. Eagle (from Texans from Vikings)

220th Raiders (of Cardinals)

221. Foal

222. Vikings (from 49ers to Broncos)

223. Aries

224. Falcon (by Raiders)

225. Falcon

226. Jaguars (by Panthers)

227. Saints

228. Titans

229. Brown

230th Eagles (from Texans to Jets and Bucs)

231st Raiders (from Patriots)

232. Packer

233. Commanders

234. Rams (by Steelers)

235. Packer (by Lions by Rams)

236. Foal (by Bucs)

237. Seahawks

238. Dolphins

239. Chargers

240. Jaguars (from Giants from Ravens)

241. Steelers (by Vikings from Broncos)

242. Packer (by Jaguars)

243. Giants

244. Cowboys

245. Patriots (from Bills from Falcons)

246. Bengal

247. 49ers

248. Eagle

249. Lions (of chiefs)

250. Chiefs (compensatory)

251st Steelers (Rams equalizer)

252. Bucs (compensatory)

253rd 49ers (Equalizer)

254. Giants (compensatory)

255th 49ers (Equalizer)

256. Packer (compensatory)

257. Saint (compensatory)

258. Bears (compensatory)

259. Texan (compensatory)

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(Photo by Kelee Ringo: Jordan Prather / USA Today)

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