Ni No Kuni Wrath Of The White Witch Remastered: How To Tame Familiars

While some fantasy RPGs have recruitment systems that allow players to have new units in their party, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch has familiars instead. These are creatures found throughout the overworld that players can tame to become their pets and eventually companions to accompany them in battle.

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Since each familiar has their own unique appearance, traits, stats, and even combat abilities, players of the Ni no Kuni Titles should take extra care to ensure their chosen familiars are well looked after to maximize their potential. But first things first, only How exactly can players tame familiars? Wrath of the White Witch?


What are familiars?

In the world of Ni no Kuni, Known are simply different creatures that players were able to tame and convince to fight on their side during their journey. The only difference between a familiar and a normal creature is the fact that they belong to the player, which means that almost all creatures in the game can be tamed into an ally of the protagonist.

Interestingly, familiars can also act as replacements or bolsters for characters, as they can fight for them. When summoned, Familiars use their various abilities to help players defeat other enemies.

How to tame familiars?

However, players don’t just acquire familiars as they get started. Before players can have a familiar place their bids, they must first complete a process called ” taming. While this is a crucial mechanic in the game, it will only be introduced after players have completed the Temple of Trials.

This is a place where protagonists Oliver and Esther must complete a series of challenges in order for Oliver to become a sage and for Esther to be able to tame familiars. it’s done esther that players can actually pull through the game’s core taming mechanics.

Enter Serenade

Similar to Oliver and the other characters, Esther also has a unique combat mechanic that sets her apart from the rest of the team in terms of combat contribution. On her side, Esther can use the harp to cast various spells Ni no Kuni the game’s most popular caster, and one of the special abilities she can cast serenade.

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If Esther unlocks this ability after Temple of Trials, all creatures they fight now have a chance to cast it hearts to appear over their head when they are about to defeat the creature. There is a 4-25% chance of this happening, and this indicates the creature has fall in love in the player. Should this happen, players must end the fight immediately and have Esther use Serenade on her instead.

Get Jack of Hearts

In which Ni no Kuni Game that players want to purchase Jack of hearts to increase their chances of taming familiars. This is earned once players give the game four (4) Merit Award Cards and these are in the third reward tier.

Thanks to this Merit Award, players can use Serenade on creatures much more easily, so they don’t have to keep finding them just to tame attempts.

How do I take care of familiars?

Once players have received their familiars, they must take care of them like normal pets. Despite their apparent independence, these familiars need regular grooming and attention to perform at their best. At its core, players simply need to feed their familiars some type of treat in order for their familiars to fill up or hit abundance, as well as increase his other stats.

However, it’s important that players check their Wizard’s Companion from time to time, as a familiar genus has a particular favorite treat. When a familiar is fed their favorite treat, they get a boost familiaritywhich indicates their closeness to the players.

What are astral signs?

Similar to typing PokemonGameplay with Familiars in Wrath of the White Witch also follow a monster-like system. In this case, any familiar can fall under one Astral sign, all of which have different relationships to each other. Sometimes a familiar can be born under double astral signs, which also have different effects. These characters follow a rock-paper-scissors format, which is:

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  • sun sign: This deals 20% more damage to Moon Sign and 20% less damage to Zodiac.
  • moon sign: This deals 20% more damage to Zodiac and 20% less damage to Sun Sign.
  • Star sign: This deals 20% more damage to Sun Sign and 20% less damage to Moon Sign.
  • Double Sun/Moon/Star: The ratio above applies, except they now deal 30% more or less damage to them.
  • planet sign: They are unaffected by the primary trio other than the fact that they deal 50% more damage to Double Planet Signs.
  • Double Planet Sign: They deal 10% more damage against all other signs and dual signs, except planetary signs.

Again a resemblance to Evolutions in Pokemonthe gameplay with familiars in Wrath of the White Witch also has room for a familiar upgrade system. Called metamorphosiscertain familiars can attain a more powerful form once they have been fed a stone that matches their astral sign.

When this is done, the familiar transforms into a much more powerful version of itself, complete with a possibly different appearance and color scheme. A familiar can experience up to three metamorphoses, with the third variant allowing players to choose between two (2) new forms with different playstyles. For example, in the case of the elusive Toko, his third form Tokotocold is a frost dependent variant, while Docotoko is a healer variant.

How do companions behave in battle?

Aside from members of the main party, players can recruit Familiars to help them in battle. When summoned, Familiars share players’ HP and MP while having a set stamina that decreases as battle progresses. When their stamina is depleted, the familiar retreats and recharges before it can respawn.

Aside from the standard offensive and defensive attacks they learn as they level up, Familiars can also acquire something called “Moves”. tricks. These are element-based special moves that Familiars can be equipped with to create effects such as: B. Spells in other role-playing games final fantasy. In addition, acquiring golden glims from opponents can allow familiars to cast miraculous movementsor free tricks that are extremely powerful by nature.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch was released on September 15, 2022 for the Xbox One and Series X/S. The game is also available for Switch, PS3, PS4 and PC.

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