Nier Automata: How To Taunt

NieR: Automata follows the story of 2B and 9S, two androids created by the council of mankind to rid the earth of machines. The world has become inhospitable, forcing the remnants of humanity to travel to the moon in search of a suitable environment. In his absence, 2B and 9S must do whatever they can to ensure the planet is restored to its once habitable state.

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Your task is far from easy, but it gets harder and harder as you progress. Enemies lurk around every corner and must all be defeated if the two protagonists are to fulfill their roles, leaving little room for error. Androids are meant to be nothing more than emotionless shells created in the image of humanity, but that doesn’t stop them from mimicking human behavior both in and out of combat. Taunting an enemy during combat is one of the most humanistic traits displayed anywhere NieR: Automatabut not everyone knows how to do it.


How to mock

The option to taunt enemies NieR: Automata becomes available fairly early in the game, but the way the ability activates isn’t explained until much later. A2 can easily taunt her enemies once she’s playable, but 2B and 9S need to find another way to taunt their enemies. Although there are two ways to mock each other NieR: Automataone is more difficult to detect than the other.

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Taunt with A2

The game explains the taunt mechanic to the player in Chapter 12: Memories of Sand when he takes control of A2. Unlike 2B and 9S, A2 is a renegade android, thus possessing a unique set of abilities and skills, Taunt being one of their most well-known. The player must Hold down the Light Attack button to use A2’s impressive taunt ability.

Taunting with A2 is much more impressive than taunting with 2B and 9S due to the confidence she exudes. Instead of letting her pod do all the work, she performs a unique move and makes a condescending remark to the enemies standing in front of her. Her pose will vary depending on the weapon she is wielding, but each will incite anger in those who see her, causing their heads to glow red as steam emanates. Once used, both A2 and her opponent’s damage are increased by 180%.

Taunt with 2B & 9S

Although the means of taunting enemies during the first two playthroughs of NieR: Automata is not clear, it is very easy to do. In order to taunt while playing as 2B and 9S, the player must obtain and equip a Taunt Up support chip. It works the same as A2’s method, but it’s far less conspicuous and arguably a bit mundane by comparison.

Through Pressing the L3 button, 2B and 9S summon their pods to taunt their enemies for them. Once activated, the pods will draw their attention to the nearest enemy and start flashing lights in their direction. After enough bolts are fired, the enemy reacts the same as A2’s; Their heads will glow and start emitting steam. The damage output of both the android and the enemy is increased by 180% and can be further improved by equipping more Taunt Up Plugin Chips.

NieR: Automata can be played on Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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