Norwich sporting director Stuart Webber DOESN’T watch women’s football, despite having a female team

  • Norwich director Stuart Webber has revealed he dislikes women’s football
  • Norwich officially incorporated a volunteer-run project into the club last year
  • Webber witnessed his first women’s game at Carrow Road last month

Norwich City sporting director Stuart Webber has openly admitted he doesn’t watch women’s football – despite having invested in that area of ​​the sport with the club.

Formerly run by volunteers, the Norwich team were formally integrated into the club in February 2022, purchasing Flo Allen as general manager over the summer.

Allen has been working with Webber, who has been at Norwich since 2017, but the 39-year-old accepted that instead of finding out more about players and teams, he looked at nothing but men’s football and turned to other sports.

The side play at FA Women’s National League Division One South East level, the fourth tier of women’s football, and regularly play their home games at The Nest.

Norwich Women played their first game at Carrow Road in April, which drew 7,585 fans including Webber, who got his first taste of the women’s game in a 5-3 win against Ashford Town.

Norwich sporting director Stuart Webber has admitted he is not watching the women’s game
Norwich Women played their first game at Carrow Road in April which attracted 7,585 fans

In an interview, Webber said he thinks it’s okay if people don’t care about women’s football.

Webber told The Athletic, “That was the first women’s game I’ve been to because I don’t care.” I don’t mind admitting that. “I love working with Flo and helping her, but that’s because it’s Flo.”

He accepted that the game “gained a whole new fan base to the stadium” and that they plan to host two women’s games at the stadium next season.

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While his son enjoyed the game against Ashford Town for the friendly atmosphere, Webber has closed himself to the potential of women’s football.

“I don’t watch women’s football,” he said. “It’s not of interest to me on TV because I watch enough men’s football and when I’m not watching that I want to watch other sports.”

“It’s a decision that I think should be fine.”

Webber works closely with women’s general manager Flo Allen, who arrived in June 2022
Webber was under fire for the men’s championship team’s poor performance

But he said April’s game would be a positive moment for the club and for those involved in the historic moment at Carrow Road.

Webber said, “It was great for the girls.” They were living their dream. They are not professionals. Maybe they worked for the police that morning and then ran like a hero in front of the crowd. They are images and memories that they will take with them to their graves.”

Norwich Women finished the season in fourth place and will remain in the FA Women’s National League Division One South East next season.

Webber also faced heavy criticism from fans and pundits at the men’s side as Norwich finished a lackluster 13th in the Championship after being relegated to the Premier League.

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