Oakley, Ray-Ban, Maui Jim and more

Summer is here, which means you’ll need sunglasses from sunrise to sunset.

Not only do you need to protect your eyes from the sun’s dangerous UV rays, you also need to protect them from glare and fatigue. Whether you have an early tee time or prefer to play at dusk, when playing a hole that faces east or west, a pair of trusty sunglasses can bring relief and even prevent a lost ball or two.

golf week has compiled a list of sunglasses that can not only protect your vision, but actually improve it. Check out some of our favorite eyewear pieces for 2023.

Keep an eye out for more sun protection lists as the summer months approach! In the meantime, check out some of our most popular shoes, shorts and polos to stock up for a successful summer season.

Maui Jim - Stone Cabin

Stone Cabin (Maui Jim)

Price: $349

Why you will love them: An acetate frame, these glasses are made to take a beating. The durable frames come with polarized lenses to help you capture every detail on and off the golf course.

Award: The Bird sunglasses

Buy MJ Stone Shack. Buy MJ The Bird

Adidas - sports sunglasses

Sports sunglasses (Adidas)

Price: $150

Why you will love them: Can’t decide whether to lean more towards the fashion side or the sports side? These Adidas sunglasses have a stylish frame and feature adjustable rubber nose pads for a secure, sporty fit.

Award: Original sunglasses

Shop Adidas Sport. Buy Adidas original

Nike - Endeavor sunglasses

Nike – Endeavor Sunglasses (PGA TOUR Superstore)

Price: $79

Why you will love them: Priced well under $100, these Nike sunglasses are a great deal. Available in five different color options, you’re sure to find one that suits your style.

Award: Skylon EXP 2P sunglasses

Shop Endeavor Shop Skylon EXP

Christopher Cloos - Mala on the Rocks

Mala on the Rocks (Christopher Cloos)

Price: $109

Why you will love them: If you’re looking for stylish eyewear that’s also eco-friendly, these Christopher Cloos glasses are made from biodegradable Italian acetate. Polarized CR39 lenses offer excellent clarity, reduced glare, enhanced color contrast and are scratch resistant.

Award: Larvotto Coal sunglasses

Shop Mala – On the Rocks Shop Larvotto Coal

Under Armor UA Phenom sunglasses

UA Phenom Sunglasses (Under Armor)

Price: $110

Why you will love them: Classic and sporty, these Under Armor rimless glasses are a great option for any outfit. Rubber nose pads and custom-fit temples ensure a good fit even on the sweatiest days.

Award: Halftime sunglasses

Buy UA Phenom. Buy UA Halftime

Revo - Edge sunglasses

Revo – Edge Sunglasses (PGA TOUR Superstore)

Price: $198.99

Why you will love them: The slim 6-base frame offers maximum field of view and features a raised forehead for better peripheral vision. Revo sunglasses feature NASA co-developed polarization technology for unparalleled clarity and performance.

Award: Descend N sunglasses

Shop Edge Shop Revo Descend N

Peakvision - DG1 Tattoo Wayfarer sunglasses

Peakvision – DG1 Tattoo Wayfarer Sunglasses (PGA TOUR Superstore)

Price: $119.99

Why you will love them: The DG1 Tattoo Wayfarer is made from revolutionary Ultematter™ polymer and is incredibly lightweight. Don’t let the weight fool you though, it’s also incredibly durable. Patented dual zone lens technology ensures the clearest and sharpest view in both extreme light conditions. the bright sky compared to the darker grass and terrain below the horizon.

Award: SL9 sunglasses

Buy Peakvision DG1. Buy Peakvision SL9


Frogskins (Oakley)

Price: $190

Why you will love them: This retro design from the 1980s is making a big comeback. Relive the glory days with eight sweet color options or create your own custom pair. We recommend that you opt for the Prizm lenses if you mainly use them for sports.

Award: Holbrook sunglasses

Buy Oakley Frogskins. Buy Oakley Holbrook

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