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Similar to other tactical RPGs, Divinity: original sin 2 has its fair share of hidden unlockables that can take a player’s playthrough to the next step. These take the form of relics of power; Gear sets that not only give players a new visual flair, but also provide various abilities that improve a character’s combat performance. Among these four sentences is the contamination seta plant armor derived from a corrupted magical source.

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To allow players to purchase this item in Divinity: original sin 2you must first complete the seeds of power Seek. And unlike other RPGs where a convoluted quest line often leads to a rare item, Seed of Power isn’t exactly a complicated quest to complete. However, players must be careful how they approach the quest in order to complete it as easily as possible.

The Four Relics of Rivellon

Before players begin completing the Seed of Power quest, it is helpful to understand the context of the divinity original sin 2 Questline itself. At its core comes the “Seed of Power”. The Four Relics of Rivellon DLC originally released on June 14, 2020 but became Gift Bag #5 in the Definitive Edition of the game. While tracking these relics is optional, original sin 2 Completors could make a serious mistake by skipping them.

Bug fixes aside, this DLC adds four quests leading to a unique armor set, with each component of the set scattered across the realm of Rivellon. Given that there are four sets, it is likely that the game will strive for the player and their three (3) companions to carry them should they eventually find them all. Unlike other games where items like these are just collectibles, the quests associated with obtaining these items are often compelling and lead to more glimpses into Rivellon’s mysterious past.

Enter the Seed of Power

Similar to finding the other relics of Rivellon in divinity original sin 2the seeds of power The questline will not begin until players encounter the necessary requirements. In this case, the quest will only activate if players find a shipwreck in Fort Joy in Act 1 shortly after creating it Divinity: original sin 2 Character.

After that, the quest will be updated regularly based on where players find their various parts in Rivellon. It is recommended that players explore all areas in the in-game acts to ensure they do not miss any relevant interactions, as the quest will only progress if players are able to interact with key characters throughout the questline.

Daeyena, Fort Joy: Greaves of Contamination, Boots of Contamination

Players “start” the Seed of Power quest once they are north of Turtle’s Beach in the Fort Joy area. This is in the extreme north of the map, making it difficult to find the shipwreck unless players max it out divinity original sin 2 mobility skills. When they arrive near the shipwreck, they will see an elf, Daeyena, cornered by various magisters. Players have two options here:

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  • When players choose to help the Magisters interrogate Daeyenashe dies while the players get them Greaves of Contamination and the Boots of Contamination. It is recommended that an elf character “eat” the remains of the dead Daeyena in order to learn the Trigger Spores skill and recognize where the spores come from.
  • When players help Daeyena, the Magisters die and gain a Contaminated Magister’s Foot. You can have an elf character eat this item to learn trigger spores, one of the more interesting ones original sin 2 Capabilities. As expected, Daeyena leaves the greaves and boots, but players have another chance to get these items.

Reaper’s Coast, main area: Gauntlets of Contamination

Players who let Daeyena survive will get another chance to meet her in Reaper’s Coast, around X:437, Y:319. This time, Daeyena is seen outfitted in vegetal armor, obviously the greaves and boots of contamination. Talk to her inside divinity original sin 2 will have Daeyena demonstrate how she has created her armor so far by casting magic on a magister who has been incapacitated by one of the spores. This creates a pair of gauntlets that Gauntlets of Contamination. She then instructs the players to go to the Blackpits to get the other armor pieces. Again, players have options:

  • If Daeyena died at Fort Joy, players will not meet them here. You should go to the Blackpits immediately.
  • Battle against Daeyena allows players to loot any existing armor pieces she has so far at level 14.
  • for killing Daeyena before creating the gauntlets, the quest does not stop. Instead, players can simply cast Trigger Spores on the Magister to create the gauntlets. Keep in mind that an Elf like Sebille might be able to learn Trigger Spores by eating a dead Magister’s contaminated foot in Act 1.

Reaper’s Coast, Blackpits: Cuirass of Contamination

When players go to the Blackpits sub-area divinity original sin 2you can go to X:716,Y:164 to grab it spore research A notice. This is a multipurpose item that players can use to make everyone in the party learn Trigger Spores. After that, players can find them Cuirass of Contamination on the hill near the Blackpits, with a Magister guarding it. Players have the option here to fight the guard, which is easily what they do best with theirs original sin 2 talents.

Players who let Daeyana die in Fort Joy can also find a Magister with a contaminated spore here. That way, players can still cast Trigger Spores on this magister to get the gauntlets that Daeyena should have shown players on the Reaper’s Coast.

Arx, Reimond’s Cellar: Helm of Contamination

The last piece of contamination armor is the Helm of Contamination, located in Arx. To find this, players must first go to Reimond’s Cellar to find Spore Research Notes in X:64, Y:13. After that you can go to the entrance of the research facility at X:375,Y:230. When players enter the area, they can finally get the helm and use it to activate his curse.

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Interestingly, players can bypass the curse’s effects if someone with Persuasion 5 is wearing the helm. If not, that character has permanent insanity that ends when the wielder is killed.

The Contamination Armor

Similar to other items and characters in Relics of Rivellon divinity original sin 2the contamination armor has a specific theme and bonuses according to the associated storyline. Related to Contamination Armor, this plant-based armor is the result of corrupted magical research that used spores to inflict various diseases on victims. Here are relevant armor aspects that players need to be aware of:

  • Heart of Contamination (Set Bonus): This increases the level of armor to level 19, but brings with it a madness that forces the wearer to lash out at attackers.
  • Root Corruption (Ability): Once per turn, physical damage will cause the armor to shoot a poisonous projectile in the direction the wearer is facing.
  • Bonuses: +75% Poison Resistance (all parts), +5 Intelligence, +3 Constitution, +3 Intellect, +4 Hydrosophist, +4 Geomancer, +2 Loremaster, Knockdown Immunity, Teleportation Immunity.
  • Debuffs: -2 Sneak, -0.5 Movement.

Divinity: original sin 2 is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, macOS and Nintendo Switch

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