Outlook calendar: Compact Guide: How to sync Outlook calendar with Google calendar

The corporate world is split into two factions when it comes to digital calendars. One area prefers the Outlook calendar, the other the Google calendar. Luckily, there is a way to avoid war – by synchronizing both calendars. Both applications are available across platforms and operating systems, making synchronization easier than you might think.

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Here is a compact step-by-step guide to sync your Outlook calendar with Google calendar:

  • Generate an Outlook link for synchronization
  • Enable syncing with Google Calendar
  • Access your Office 360 ​​account
  • Enter Outlook
  • Enter settings
  • Select “Show all Outlook settings”
  • Enter calendar
  • Choose Shared Calendar.
  • Click Publish Calendar
  • Select “Calendar”
  • Select “Can view all details” from the drop-down menu
  • Click Publish
  • Copy the “ICS link” displayed on the screen.
  • Open the Google Calendar application
  • Click Other Calendars
  • Select “From URL”
  • Paste the copied Outlook link
  • Click Add Calendar.
  • Click Other Calendars
  • Check the Outlook link box

You can customize the calendar by changing its color and renaming it. You can also sync the two calendar apps on iOS devices by simply adding your Google and Outlook accounts to the calendar app on iPhones.

For Android devices, download Microsoft Outlook app from Play Store, sign in to your account and link your Google account in the option to enter work or personal email address.

frequently asked Questions

Can we link Outlook and Google calendars on iOS?
You can sync your Outlook and Google calendars by adding their respective accounts in the Calendar app on your iOS devices.

Can we sync Outlook with Google Calendar on Android?
You can download the Outlook app, sign in, and add your Google account to sync.

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