Pages: Exciting times for Cebu sports

The Cebu City Sports Commission (CCSC) has pledged to help promote sporting events in the city as training and competitions ramp up under a new normal.

Just last week, the appointment paper for the new and official composition of the CCSC Board was released by the Cebu City government.

CCSC Chair John Pages will chair the commission along with Vice Chair and Councilman Donaldo “Dondon” Hontiveros. Former Chairman Edward Hayco is appointed Chairman Emeritus.

“Edward Hayco, having served as Chair Emeritus for 12 years at the CCSC, will continue to support the group, particularly with our grassroots programs and dancesports,” Pages said.

Exciting times await sports enthusiasts in Cebu as events return after a roughly two-year hiatus caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The new CCSC looks forward to promoting the multitude of returned sports and events. In the coming months, we also look forward to the return of instruction and the return of training and competitive sport among thousands of students. These are exciting times for Cebu sport,” Pages said.

Councilor Noel Wenceslao, who serves as Cebu City Council’s new Finance Chairman, joins the CCSC Board as former Finance Chairman, and now Vice Mayor Raymond Garcia is leaving CCSC.

The other new board member is renowned sports medicine physician Rhoel Dejaño.

“We welcome the entry of Dr. Dejaño, who was with the CCSC years ago. His return is timely because with the Covid-19 pandemic we are going through, we need to organize programs that help the fitness and health of Cebuanos,” Pages said.

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“As one of the top sports doctors in Cebu, Dr. Dejaño has helped thousands of athletes and patients become healthier. We look forward to working with him to make Cebu a resilient and active city.”

Pages is grateful for the services of attorney Troy Malilong, who will be leaving CCSC after his years of service.

“Thank you Atty. Troy Malilong for years of service to the CCSC. Whenever we encountered issues that required legal expertise, we always sought his good opinion. He was a great help to the Sports Commission.”

Completing the members of the CCSC Board of Directors are Councilwoman Jessica Resch, chair of the City Council’s Youth and Sport Development Committee; dr Rhea Mar Angtud, Representative of the Ministry of Education of Cebu City Department; Jessica Honoridez, private sector representative; Lorenzo “Chao” Sy, private sector representative; Rodulfo Diorico, private sector representative; Amilo Lopez, CCSC Executive Director; and Gayle Grace Dico, board secretary.

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