Papaya Seeds For Diabetics: Benefits, Side Effects And How To Consume

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease affecting millions of people around the world. A metabolic disease characterized by high blood sugar levels and low insulin production. The good thing is that diabetes is easy to manage with the right diet and lifestyle changes. There are certain foods, grains, and products that can be added to the diet to effectively regulate blood sugar levels. Dietitians also recommend certain fruits that diabetics are safe to consume, and one of them is papaya. Did you know that papaya seeds are also very beneficial for people with diabetes? Here’s everything you need to know about the benefits, side effects, and consumption of papaya seeds on a diabetic diet.

Is Papaya Good For Diabetics?

Papaya is loaded with a lot of fiber, which is why experts recommend consuming it during a diabetic diet. It also keeps the digestive system healthy and in good shape. Because it is a medium GI food, it does not cause blood sugar spikes. Studies have found that papaya is beneficial for diabetics—not just the fruit, but the seeds as well.

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Papaya seeds can actually prove to be very beneficial for diabetics. Photo: iStock

Benefits of Papaya Seeds for Diabetics | What Happens If You Eat Papaya Seeds Every Day?

Papaya seeds are said to be extremely beneficial for diabetics. The papain enzyme in papaya aids in digestion, and there are a number of other benefits of consuming papaya seeds on a daily basis. Just look:

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  • Just like papaya, papaya seeds are also packed with plenty of fiber. This makes them ideal for maintaining a healthy heart and also for regulating diabetes.
  • Papaya seeds are also high in polyphenols, flavonoids, and other antioxidants that may protect against chronic diseases like diabetes.
  • A study found that papaya seeds have shown inhibitory activity against oxidative stress from diabetes.
  • Research suggests that papaya seeds may also directly help lower blood sugar thanks to the antidiabetic drugs they contain, such as methyl ester, hexadeconoic acid, and oleic acid.

Is It Safe To Eat Papaya Seeds? | Papaya seed side effects

Papaya seeds are safe to consume but should always be eaten in moderation. A few things about their side effects need to be considered before consuming them. Just look:

  • Papaya seeds are very bitter, which is why they can cause gastrointestinal upset in some individuals.
  • Experts point out that pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid consuming papaya seeds in large quantities as the enzymes can adversely affect the body.

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Papaya seeds are packed with nutrients. Photo credit: istock

How to consume papaya seeds for diabetes diet

Since papaya seeds are quite bitter, it is difficult to consume them raw. You can powder them and add them to juices, smoothies or desserts. Sprinkle them on curries and sauces to mask their flavor and reduce bitterness. The seeds add a peppery touch to any dish you sprinkle them on, so you can even add them to salads or stir-fries.

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Make sure you don’t overdo it when consuming papaya seeds and always consult a doctor or nutritionist before making any major dietary changes!

Disclaimer: This content, including advice, provides general information only. It in no way replaces a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your GP for more information. NDTV takes no responsibility for this information.

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