Parents reveal ‘unique’ names of six children inspired by film and sporting stars

While choosing a name for your baby can sometimes cause a bit of friction, most couples usually have multiple choices before the birth.

However, one couple decided to go rogue and name their six children after characters, bands and sports stars they both love. Pippa Tinsley, 32, and her husband Luke, 33, initially named their first child Joel Schofield.

While it doesn’t seem like an uncommon name, Joel is related to Good Charlotte lead singer Joel Madden, and Schofield is from the main character on the TV show Prison Break, Michael Schofield.

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As the Mirror reports, the name given to their eldest, 15, was initially a bit ridiculous, but the couple fell in love at the prospect of having more children named after those they grew up to idolize.

Their daughter Bambi takes her name from Pippa’s favorite Disney movie and their son Rocky-Tyson is named after Luke’s obsession with boxing.

The boxing theme didn’t stop there, however. Her six-year-old son is called Hatton – after boxing legend Ricky. Their eldest daughter, Autumn-Kyla, 13, was chosen in honor of her nanny, Sara Houghton, 58, who loved the name.

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