Paris riots – latest: UK issues France travel warning after looting across city

Looted Parisian shops lie in ruins as riots break out over a teenager shot dead by police

Brits traveling to France have been warned to avoid restricted areas amid violent protests over the killing of a North African teenager by police.

Local residents traveling across the English Channel are urged to check the media for updates as the situation on the ground continues to evolve.

“Some local authorities may impose curfews,” the Foreign Office said in its updated guidance. “The locations and timing of the riots are unpredictable. They should monitor the media and avoid areas where there is unrest.”

More than 600 people were arrested overnight across France in the third night of unrest over the death of 17-year-old Nahel M, who was shot and killed by an officer in Nanterre, some 11km north-west of central Paris.

The officer was charged with first degree murder and apologized to the boy’s family.

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Around 40,000 officers were deployed across the country on Thursday to quell further clashes, but a total of 667 were arrested by police.

French President Emmanuel Macron will hold a new government crisis meeting later on Friday to discuss the crisis with ministers and officials.


Brits traveling to France have warned of travel disruptions

The UK has warned residents traveling to France that there could be “disruptions” to driving on roads and public transport after a third night of violent protests over the shooting dead of a teenager by police.

“Since June 27, there have been riots across France. Many have turned violent. Shops, public buildings and parked cars were attacked. “There may be disruption to road traffic and the local transport service may be limited,” says the updated guideline from the Federal Foreign Office.

“Some local authorities may impose curfews. The locations and timing of the riots are unpredictable. You should keep an eye on the media, avoid areas where there is unrest, check tour operators for the latest advice when travelling, and heed the advice of authorities.”

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Matt MathersJune 30, 2023 12:48 p.m


Bus and tram traffic came to a standstill throughout France on Friday night

France’s interior minister has urged local prefects across France to halt all bus and tram services on Friday night following widespread unrest. Reuters reports.

Eleanor NoyceJune 30, 2023 3:16 p.m


Fears of ongoing unrest across France after police killing of teen: ‘It’s getting worse’

France is considering “all options” to restore order after rioters set fire to cars and buildings and looted shops across the country – in a third night of violent anger over the police killing of a teenager during a traffic stop in a Paris suburb.

Anthony Cuthbertson Reports from Nanterre, the Paris suburb where 17-year-old Nahel was shot:

Eleanor NoyceJune 30, 2023 3:00 p.m


The French city of Marseille is banning protests this Friday following the recent unrest in France

Marseille, France’s second-largest city, has decided to ban public demonstrations this Friday following the latest unrest in France last night, the city’s local authorities said.

From 7 p.m. local time this Friday, all public transport in Marseille will also be closed.

Eleanor NoyceJune 30, 2023 2:43 p.m


Flashback: Where is there rioting in France and why is it happening?

The 17-year-old, identified as Nahel, was driving a car on Tuesday morning when he was pulled over for violating traffic rules, prosecutors said. The teenager was too young to hold a full driving license in France.

Police initially reported that an officer shot the teenager because he drove his car towards him. However, this version of events was quickly contradicted by a video circulating on social media.

On Thursday, Nanterre prosecutors said that witness statements, CCTV video footage, amateur video footage and statements from police tenders were used to compile the timetable of Tuesday morning’s events.

Matt MathersJune 30, 2023 2:30 p.m


Macron: President tells parents to keep teenagers at home tonight

Emmanuel Macron is urging parents to keep teenagers at home to stem the spread of unrest across France and says social media is fueling copycat violence.

After a second crisis meeting with senior ministers, the French President on Friday said social media was playing a “significant role” in spreading unrest sparked by the deadly police shooting of a 17-year-old boy.

He said he wanted social media like Snapchat and TikTok to remove sensitive content and organize violence online.

French President Emmanuel Macron

(Stephanie Lecocq /Reuters)

Matt MathersJune 30, 2023 2:02 p.m


In pictures: Clean-up after the third night of violence

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Tram was set on fire during riots

Night videos on social media showed urban landscapes ablaze across the country. A tram was set on fire in the eastern city of Lyon and 12 buses were destroyed at a depot in Aubervilliers, north of Paris.

The facade of the adjacent water sports center Aubervilliers, which is used for training for the 2024 Olympics, was slightly damaged by the fire, SOLIDEO – the company in charge of the Games infrastructure – told Reuters.

In Nanterre on the outskirts, protesters set fire to cars, barricaded roads and threw projectiles at police after a peaceful vigil was held earlier to commemorate the dead boy.

At the Chatelet Les Halles shopping center in central Paris, a Nike shoe store was broken into and several people arrested after shop windows were smashed along the adjacent Rue de Rivoli shopping street, Paris police said.

Transport Secretary Clement Beaune told RMC radio early on Friday that he did not rule out a closure of the capital’s public transport network.

A source told Reuters that several casino supermarkets had been looted across the country.

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Government is considering “all options” to quell unrest

The French government was due to examine “all options” for restoring order on Friday after nationwide unrest escalated overnight into the most destructive rioting since police shot dead a teenager at a traffic stop.

President Emmanuel Macron was en route from Brussels to Paris after leaving an EU summit early so he could attend a second crisis cabinet meeting in two days.

The government will examine “all options” to restore order, said Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, calling the violence “intolerable and inexcusable” in a tweet.

“The priority is to ensure national unity and the way to do that is to restore order,” she later told reporters during a visit to a Paris suburb.

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne meets rescue workers

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Matt MathersJune 30, 2023 12:15 p.m


Who is Nahel M? The teenager was shot dead by police in France

Nahel’s last name was not released by authorities or his family. His mother called for a silent march in his honor on Thursday in the square where the teenager was killed.

“I lost a 17-year-old child, they took my baby away from me,” the mother, who is not named, said in a TikTok video.

“He was just a kid, he needed his mother. This morning he gave me a big kiss and told me he loves me. I told him to be careful and I loved him.”

Alisha Rahaman Sarkar Reports:

Matt MathersJune 30, 2023 11:47 am


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