Pat Cash and Kelly Slater appear in controversial ‘cooker’ conspiracy chat

Two global sports legends have emerged as conspiracy theorists after they took part in a so-called “Cooker” chat online.

In a short clip shared by the @KenBerhan Twitter account dedicated to sharing “news and views” on Aussie “cookers” – an Australian slang term for conspiracy theorists – local tennis champion Pat Cash and American Surfing great Kelly Slater shares some of her bizarre opinions, along with four other contestants.

The group attended the Hoodie Athletes with Voices and discussed “environmental lockdowns” — or minor restrictions put in place by governments to reduce emissions — and “smart cities,” a movement dedicated to making urban environments more livable.

“In the beginning I assumed both [Cash and Slater] were just anti-vax, but it seems they’re both much further down the rabbit hole and mostly cooked!” reads the caption that accompanies the clip on Twitter.

And it’s not difficult to understand why.

Pat Cash (above right) and Kelly Slater (below right) both appeared in a “Herd” chat. Image: Twitter/@KenBerhanSource: Twitter

The footage begins with Cash complaining about emissions reduction targets, wildly claiming they are part of a broader “lockdown” conspiracy.

“The environmental restrictions… will be subtle, just like everything else,” Cash begins.

“I live in London, I’m in Melbourne at the moment, but I live in London and there’s a certain area of ​​a suburb where you can’t drive down because of emissions and people in London will understand that, there’s an emissions lockdown .

“For years there have been signs, low emissions, all that stuff. Now if you drive into that area, drive down that area and don’t live there, you’ll be fined… a criminal charge, about £80.

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“It was never there, it’s here now, they start to implement it piece by piece and that’s how it starts. ‘Oh, we’re looking at the environment in this area to protect people from the pollution that comes out of the cars’.”

Apparently, Pat Cash is not a fan of environmental protection. Credit: AAP Image/Renae DroopSource: News Corp Australia

Kelly Slater then sarcastically interjects, “Because the wind isn’t blowing? Is that Pat?” whereupon the rest of the cookers erupted in delight at his mind-blowing joke.

“Those are the subtle things — so guys, be aware of that, so when you go to your council and they’re like, ‘Oh, we’re looking at the parking permits and whatever it is,’ know that it starts that way, and it has already started,” concludes Cash.

Another participant then launched into a nonsensical tirade about “15 and 20 minute cities,” which appears to be a nod to an urban living concept where most daily needs and services, such as work, shopping, education, health, and… Leisure, should be easily accessible within 15 minutes on foot or by bike from any point in the city, which most people would probably agree sounds ideal.

Other participants in the conversation were blinded by Kelly Slater’s joke. Image: Matt Dunbar/World Surf League via Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

The idea behind the plan is to reduce car dependency and promote healthy and sustainable living, although there was never any mention of a ban on cars or people being forced to stay in their neighborhoods.

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However, that didn’t stop one of the “stokers” on the interview from making some really outlandish claims.

“They’re just out to lock us all up in our little regions, you know, if you live far from the beach and you want to catch a wave, bad luck, that’s amazing,” he mistakenly said.

It comes amid a recent explosion of “herd” activity in Australia.

At the extreme end, there are sovereign citizens who believe that they, and not judges, juries, law enforcement, or elected officials, should decide which laws to obey and which to ignore.

Sovereign citizens also generally do not believe that they have to pay taxes or fines.

The movement has seen a resurgence in Australia following the pandemic and the lockdowns and restrictions that have come with it, with anti-lockdown and sovereign citizen groups rallying.

In recent weeks there have been countless cases of unlicensed sovereign citizens clashing with frustrated police officers during routine traffic stops.

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