‘Perfect Match’ is the latest in junk food television

Still image of a St. Thomas University student watching the acclaimed Netflix dating show Perfect Match. (Daniel Salas/AQ)

Maybe you spend your free time improving yourself through reading or sports, or maybe you’re like me – keep up with the latest Netflix-produced dating show.

I’ve seen them all: Love is blind, love on the spectrum, too hot to touch, the circle And The ultimatum.

There were some shows whose concepts were more ridiculous than others.

The ultimatum had engaged couples, “tested their love,” and had trial marriages—with people they’re not engaged to. Too hot to touch requires singles to spend a summer on an island and abstain from sexual activity in order to form “meaningful” connections.

These shows are popular. The contestants become internet personalities as soon as they are broadcast.

I skipped the hookup culture and casual dating and jumped right into a happy and successful relationship with my partner of three and a half years, Joe. I am grateful for that and wouldn’t want it any other way. we are engaged now

I think the worst version of myself enjoys watching these shows. I lost a decent chunk of self-esteem when I found myself binge-watching and totally enjoying Netflix’s latest dating show. Perfect match.

This is without a doubt the laziest show Netflix has ever produced. All contestants have appeared on other dating shows and are back to finally find love.

Contestants must choose a “perfect match” every other night or they will be kicked out of the mansion they share. On top of that, new singles are brought into the house every few days.

Ideally, they stay with the same partner and begin to lay the foundations for a strong relationship, but as you can imagine, that doesn’t happen. What kind of show would that be? Couples are mismatched and constantly matching with new people, all with the goal of finding their “perfect match.”

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After all, everyone knows that the best way to find love is to live under intense time pressure and live with the constant fear of being left out of your community.

“There is something about her beautiful physical appearance that I find very fascinating,” one of the men at the villa told another.

What is he really saying? “I think she’s hot.”

These made-up conversations are part of what makes the show so terrifying and so wonderful at the same time. It’s so dishonest in its presentation that you don’t even feel guilty when you see it.

One night, as she lay in bed, one of the women asked her partner what he thought the meaning of life was.

“Right now,” he said, “it’s you.”

I can feel your eyes roll Remember: They didn’t even know each other a week, and three days later they were both matching other people. I wonder what the meaning of his life is now?

But the reality is that love is very different from how Netflix portrays it.

Joe and I got engaged in Montreal. We took the train down to the Old Port and walked to the Ferris wheel. At the top he got on one knee and asked if I would marry him.

We’ve seen each other from our best and worst sides. We have made many sacrifices and we have clear and healthy boundaries that we are constantly working on and improving.

My Love Story doesn’t look like the “Love Stories” pictured on Perfect matchbut I compare my viewership on these shows to my chip burn while watching them – they’re both crap.

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But every once in a while, it’s okay to have a little junk.


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