Philips GO A7607 sport headphones review: Good features, unique design

It can be difficult to keep up with the number of headphones on the market. There seems to be headphones for every type of activity. You can find options at any price point and with specific features to meet your needs. Bone conduction headphones are just one of the types out there, and they offer a ton of flexibility in how you use them. The Philips GO A7607 sports headphones are a new addition to the bone conduction headphone landscape this year.

The idea of ​​the open-ear design allows you to hear ambient noise and you get music playing from the headphones through your jawbone into your ears. It’s a unique design that many people may not be used to. But for those who enjoy exercising outdoors, they aim to provide a safer environment and allow the user to listen to music.

As someone who likes to wear headphones while running, I am very interested in open-ear design headphones. I had a chance to use the Philips GO A7607 sports headphones to see how they hold up. Here’s what I found.

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  • Open ear design
  • Solid battery life
  • LED lights in the neckband
  • Bluetooth multipoint


  • Bulky and big
  • sound quality is missing

Unpack the Philips GO A7607

Unboxing the Philips GO A7607 sports headphones Image source: Chris Hachey for BGR

As soon as you open the box you notice that the headphones are stored in a drawstring pouch and you can store all your parts in this drawstring pouch. The headphones come with a USB-C charging cable, and the other end attaches magnetically to the edge of the headphones. It sits next to it, so you need to be sure it’s turned on exactly while charging, or it might not charge. The headphones light up while charging, so you’ll know when the light comes on.

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You also get ear tips to use while using the headphones as the design doesn’t cover your ears. When you put on the headphones, you’ll feel their weight near your temples. If you’ve tried other bone conduction headphones before, you might like the weight of these headphones, or you might prefer that they’re lighter.

Due to the way bone conduction headphones are designed, they are not designed to be adjustable. So these come in one size and they were a bit big for my head. But they’re easy to set up as they feature Bluetooth Multipoint technology, which means you can pair them with multiple devices at the same time. It’s easy to turn these on and make them searchable by devices. After this initial pairing, it will pair with your devices as soon as you turn on the headphones in the future.


There are several controls that work with the Philips GO A7607 sports headphones. The multi-function button on the side of the left end lets you play or pause music, answer a call, and more. There are also volume buttons on the neckband to control how loud your headphones are. This is important to know because with the open-ear design you’ll want to be able to crank up the volume when needed.

It should be noted that this is a button control, not just a touch. So you have to press the button to make it respond. But this is a better design than some earbuds that push you firmly into your ears.

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Features of the Philips GO A7607

Wearing Philips GO A7607 headphones Image source: Chris Hachey for BGR

First of all, the battery life of these headphones is strong. Philips advertises nine hours, and I managed that without having to charge it. There is a running light above the neckband, the brightness of which you can control. You can control how bright and how it appears with the multifunction. You can also control this with the Philips GO app. But this will illuminate or flash red to alert drivers or those around you that you’re there, which is a nice safety feature.

When you make or take a call, there are bone-conducting mics and AI mics that drown out background noise so you can hear and speak clearly. Call quality is strong for sports headphones. What is missing is the sound quality when listening to music. It comes out a little low and tinny and needs some fine tuning. Luckily, you can customize it with the Philips GO app. But the sound quality isn’t what any audiophile would rave about. On the other hand, it is not the most important feature when using sports headphones.

I wore them for runs and while the design makes you feel secure, the size made them feel a little loose and the headphones felt a little heavy near my temples. I was surprised because my hat size is not small so I never thought I had a small head. These are IP66 dustproof and waterproof, so they can handle sweat well.


These may be right for certain people, but the fit and weight weren’t right for me. There are impressive features like the multiple microphones for calls and the LED light on the neckband. The price point is high for these so you better make sure they are what you want.

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The competition

Shokz is usually the most famous company that makes bone conduction headphones. The OpenRun Pro headphones offer many similar features with a lighter fit.

Should I buy the Philips GO A7607 sports headphones?

Yes, but I would first make sure you like the feel and fit.

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