Pikachu, Iron Man, Beastie Boys, Batman

Pikachu, the Beastie Boys and Batman in the form of action figures

Congratulations, it’s Friday and you’ve once again found your way back to Toy Aisle, io9’s weekly roundup of the best toys, collectibles and merchandise. A buildable this week Pikachu runs free, hot toys returns once again with his most detailed recreation of Iron Man Tony Stark‘s armor yet, and one of the greatest music videos of all time gets a long overdue action figure treatment. Everyone listen, it’s a sabotage!

Mattel MEGA Pokemon Motion Pikachu kit

While it doesn’t seem entirely out of the question given the company’s partnership with Nintendo over the last few years, it’ll be a long time before we ever see any official Lego sets based on Pokémon. Mattel’s competing MEGA line delivers the next best thing, as its parts are Lego-compatible. The new 1,095-piece MEGA Pokemon Motion Pikachu kit Builds into an animated 24cm long Pikachu that comes to life with the turn of a crank and runs across a simulated landscape. It’s adorable and includes lightning accessories for Pikachu, but at $97 it’s far from cheap.

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McFarlane Toys DC Comics Designer Edition Batman the animated series Exclusive NYCC 30th Anniversary Action Figure

Ahead of the start of New York Comic Con 2022 in early October McFarlane Toys has revealed a stylized shot on Batman from the already stylized Batman the animated series. The 9-inch tall figure is a little beefier and bulkier on top and comes with an LED-lit roof top display. Additional accessories include a grapnel launcher, batarang and additional hands with alternate poses. The $50 version is Available for pre-order exclusively at Target now, while pre-orders for an $80 version that includes a collectible art card signed by Bruce Timm is already sold out.

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Matchbox collector 1993 Ford Explorer Jurassic Park edition

We can’t be the only ones who left the theater after seeing it Jurassic Park want not only a Velociraptor as a pet, but also a Ford Explorer painted yellow, green and red. It was a real missed opportunity not to make it Jurassic Park Tour cars have an official color option for the 1993 Ford Explorer, but this might be a decent consolation prize: a 1:64 scale replica of the park’s cars by Matchbox, with gleaming six-spoke wheels and a shimmery finish. It’s just too bad the $25 collectible is already sold out Mattel Creations website; fingers crossed that it will be available again one day.

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Hot Toys Marvel Iron Man 3 Sixth scale Iron Man Mark VII (Open Armor Version) figure

The amazing level of detail that Hot Toys puts into its sixth scale figures means you can stare at them for hours to take in all their intricacies, but its latest take on Iron Man (yes, another one) takes things to the next level level and it can take years before you notice every detail. Based on Iron Man Mark VII armor in Iron Man 3 This allows Stark to easily step into the suit from behind (even during a mid-air jump). Hot Toys has created a fully sculpted interior this time, revealing all of the complex machinery and wiring within the armor through hinged panels that can be left open or closed for display. It comes with a display base that powers the figure’s LED lighting (nowhere really to hide a battery in the figure this time), and is expected to arrive in either late 2023 or early 2024.

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Super7 Beastie Boys sabotage reaction figures

We might not be the biggest fans of Super7’s ReAction figure line, with very limited articulation, detail, and vague likenesses of characters that hark back to a more primitive action figure era. But the gimmick works perfectly here, there Super7 introduces its first Beastie Boys collection based on the artists’ performance in their “Sabotage” music video. You have the choice between Alasondro Alegré as “The Chief” (Mike D) Vic Colfari as Bobby, “The Beginner” (Ad Rock) and Nathan Wind as Cochese (MCA) for $20 each with shipping beginning in early September or grab all three in a multipack for $60.

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