Private school students slapped for sporting Tilak on their forehead

On Saturday July 8, some students at a private school in the city of Madhya Pradesh in Indore were beaten for applying tilak (a symbol of Hinduism) to their foreheads. At around 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., the students were slapped and asked to take off the tilak. Meanwhile, one of the students has also been removed from the school grounds.

According to the reports, the incident took place at Bal Vigyan Shishu Vihar Higher Secondary School on Dhara Road in Indore. Between 6 and 7 p.m., the students were slapped by a teacher named Padma Sisodia. The students were also threatened with removal and issue of a TC if they continued to practice tilak on school property.

The controversy erupted when the students’ parents found out about the incident and contacted the principal for answers. The headmaster, Omprakash Singh, happened to justify the teacher’s actions, saying that no student is allowed to play tilak on the school premises.

Video of the incident went viral on the internet, in which the teacher said the school was run on the basis of “Sarva Dharma Sambhaav” (equality and harmony between all religions).

Higher authorities toy with the education of children in Indore.

Pupils were denied access to the school grounds because they had “Tilak” applied to their foreheads.

After constant complaints from parents, no action was taken.– Hate Tracker (@HatetrackIN) July 9, 2023

The students’ angry parents said that their children go to the temples every day and therefore wear the tilak on their foreheads. Regarding this, the school principal said that the school does not want to encourage any Dharmic activities in the school and also added that the students are not allowed to wear any tilak on their foreheads. He went on to say that the school will make the decision under the direction of the District Education Officer (DEO).

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Manglesh Kumar Vyas, District Education Officer (DEO), commented on the issue and said the issue had been well discussed with the school principal. “The Headmaster told me that some people attach undue importance to this matter. However, he has expressed his regret and said he will hold a meeting with the students’ parents to clarify the issue,” Vyas said.

“The school management was asked to maintain harmony between all religions in the institution. To maintain discipline in schools, students may be required to wear the same uniform. However, if a student comes to school with a tilak on their birthday, after church service or for a special occasion, they cannot be required to take it off,” he was also quoted as saying.

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