‘Quantumania’ Breaks Its Most Embarrassing MCU Record Yet as ‘Spider-Man’ Star Firing Casts Doubt on Long-Awaited Return

Ant-man and the wasp Quantenania

Image via Marvel Studios

At this point it’s almost hard to keep going Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania more, despite its myriad flaws, than that Wonder Phase Five’s opener has been gutted as thoroughly as you look at it. From a tie for a studio low score on Rotten Tomatoes to brutal fan reactions, ant man 3 You certainly can’t sink any lower – well, at least you wouldn’t believe it, but somehow this film finds a way. Elsewhere a scandal about a Spiderman Star may sting for Sinister Six fans…

Did the MCU’s newest leadership just reveal when their very own Disney Plus is debuting?

Image via Disney Plus

We have so many question marks over the future of Marvel’s Disney Plus edition given that much of the studio’s upcoming streaming series has been delayed in recent years. So it’s possible that the star of one of these shows decided to reveal some top-secret information to bring good news to fans in their distress. echois own Alaqua Cox teased on social media that she can hardly wait for October. When a fan asked if that was the case hawk eye Spinoff coming out this month, the actress gave an intriguing emoji-filled reply. Let’s remain cautiously optimistic in this regard.

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A Spiderman Star being fired from a new series over an on-set altercation casts a dark shadow over her Marvel comeback

Spider man homecoming
Image via Marvel Studios

Remember how we’ve always bet on Michael Mando returning to the MCU as the Scorpion following the big hint that he’ll be founding the Sinister Six Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s post-credits scene? Well, the latest development in the actor’s career certainly doesn’t fill us with confidence that Marvel will welcome him back with open arms given the shocking removal of Mando from Apple TV Plus. setting spring after some sort of altercation on the set. Full details of the incident have yet to be released, but Mando’s role in the production was quickly recast narcotics‘s Wagner Moura.

Quantumania on track to break another terrible MCU record as his box office earnings shrink less than Scott Lang

Ant-man and the wasp Quantenania
Image via Marvel Studios

QuantumaniaStanding becomes more and more microscopic. Not content with already getting the worst reviews of any Marvel movie, ant man 3 is now on track for the biggest second-weekend box office sale in MCU history. From the looks of it, Peyton Reed’s Threequel is set to see a staggering 70 percent drop from last weekend’s numbers, which could actually go as far as breaking a record for the entire superhero genre, let alone Marvel Studios. Something tells us the odds of ant man 4 what actually happens disappear in the quantum realm…

Rumor has it that Reed Richards may have admitted that the idea of ​​playing Mr. Fantastic fills him with dread, but fear not Marvel addicts as more MCU news is never far away.

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