Reese The Dog ‘Almost Died From Broken Heart’ And Gets The Best Surprise

Reese and her best friend Morgan were inseparable. The two elderly rescue workers ate, slept and cuddled together as much as possible. But things changed for the linked couple when Morgan – who was 12 at the time – died of kidney disease and Reese’s grief took a toll.

A sad dog looks into the camera.
Alina Hauptmann

“I made her special doggy cupcakes and slept on a mattress on my living room floor for a while so she could sleep with me,” Amy Thatcher, Reese’s mom, told The Dodo. “I even picked up some foster puppies for a few days because Reese loves puppies. Nothing seemed to help.”

Reese’s health rapidly deteriorated. She stopped eating and spent most days shaking in her bed. With nothing seeming to ease Reese’s pain, Thatcher decided to find another companion for the grieving dog to fill the void Morgan had lost.

Two dogs sleep together.
Alina Hauptmann

“While scrolling through the adoptable dogs, Jeep’s pretty face caught my attention,” Thatcher said. “Until Jeep, I had only ever adopted older dogs. Since Reese didn’t take Morgan’s death well, I couldn’t risk causing her another loss and decided to adopt a younger dog.”

Thatcher met the 1-year-old Jeep and fell in love with him instantly. She knew Reese would love him too, even though he was different from Morgan.

“He greeted me with a jiggly butt and a big smile,” said Thatcher. “I was sitting on the floor and he immediately came over and sat on my lap. In that moment he stole my heart.”

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Two happy dogs are looking at the camera.
Alina Hauptmann

Thatcher adopted Jeep, and when she introduced him to Reese, she loved him too. Her heart slowly but surely began to heal – and now the two are inseparable.

“Jeep brought out that youthful, playful side of Reese,” said Thatcher. “She’ll be 14 next month and still wants to play with her ‘little brother.’ She doesn’t like it when he’s not home and is so excited when he comes back.”

You can watch Morgan, Reese and Jeep’s story here:

Reese will always miss Morgan, but Jeep reminds her that everything will be okay – something Thatcher also feels.

Happy dog ​​is held by mom.
Alina Hauptmann

“Morgan made my life better just by being her and I will never forget her,” said Thatcher. “But Jeep came into my life when my heart, like Reese’s, was broken. He got us through a tough time and I don’t know how we would have got through it without him.”

To adopt dogs like Morgan, Reese, and Jeep, visit Best Friends Animal Society.

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