Return to Monkey Island: How to find all LeChuck’s secrets

Welp, Guybrush has once again found himself in a rather difficult position. Luckily, this time he’s able to team up with a new group of pirates to help him get his adventure back on track after he almost got his hands on the secret of Monkey Island. This crew actually has the real map of the location of the mystery, but there’s a problem: it’s magically sealed. If you can help them, they will take you to their location.

However, you must discover not one, but three of LeChuck’s secrets in order to cast a spell to unseal the map. To do this, you must not only find a way back to LeShip, but also discover LeChuck’s favorite food, slogan, and theme song. It’s quite a process, so don’t feel bad if you need help. Here’s how to find all of LeChuck’s secrets Return to Monkey Island.

A blonde pirate puts his hand up on the side of a ship in Return to Monkey Island

How to get back to LeShip

It should be obvious by now, but you won’t exactly be welcome on LeShip, which means you’ll have to sneak back on board to uncover the three mysteries. Here’s how to bring Guybrush back on board.

Step 1: Talk to your new pirate friends at the giant monkey head on the east side of Monkey Island.

Step 2: After exhausting all their conversations, go to Volcano Beach on the west side of the island.

Step 3: Go into the ocean.

Step 4: Walk past the anchor to grab a seventh skull before climbing onto the anchor.

Step 5: Move all the way to the left.

Step 6: Climb down the rudder where Gullet is.

Guybrush talks to a zombie.

Step 7: Talk to Gullet and ask him about his notebook.

Step 8: Keep talking to him about it until you can offer to help him write a poem.

Step 9: Ask to see his poetry first but he will refuse.

Step 10: Give Gullet the Museum Curator’s Business Card.

Step 11: Gullet will give you a book of poetry.

Step 12: Go all the way back to the giant monkey head.

Step 13: Give the poetry book to the pirates, who will use it to disguise you as a gullet.

Step 14: Go back to the LeShip, this time climb up the railing instead of down the gullet.

A pirate serving a tentacle meal.

Here’s how to find LeChuck’s favorite food

With your disguise on, you can move freely on LeShip again. First, let’s find out what LeChuck likes to eat most.

Step 1: Go to the galley and talk to Putra.

Step 2: She will tell you that LeChuck’s favorite food is tentacles with daisy sauce, but they all have no tentacles anymore.

Step 3: Go all the way back to the beach near the volcano.

Step 4: There is a dead squid on the right end of the screen.

Step 5: Use your knife on the squid to get a tentacle.

Step 6: Bring the tentacle to Putra so she can cook it for you.

Guybrush in the captain's cabin.

How to find LeChuck’s catchphrase

We’ve finished wrapping the food, so now it’s time to learn this pirate’s catchphrase.

Step 1: Go into LeChuck’s cabin (he’s not in it).

Step 2: Take the book from the shelf to the right of his chair.

Step 3: Read the April 10 entry.

Step 4: This will tell you to read the February 17 entry in his diary.

Step 5: Read this page to get the catchphrase.

Guybrush gets grades.

How to find the LeChuck theme song

After all, what pirate doesn’t have a catchy theme song?

Step 1: Ring the ship’s bell once to call the crew to vote.

Step 2: When Flair and the others gather, sneak up to her and grab the sheet music.

A map to the secret.

When all the secrets are collected, return to the giant monkey head and talk to the pirates. You have to use all those skulls we’ve collected to play the theme song, say the catchphrase at the ritual table, and then eat the tentacles. When that’s all done, the map will tell you that Is correct Location of the mystery of Monkey Island.

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