Roblox: Best Racing Games

With a platform as huge as Roblox, there are many individual and group-created games for users. All types of content are created. So when a new game launches and gains momentum, there will always be many different and unique experiences for users to enjoy. One of these popular trends is racing games.

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From driving real cars to running races, there is a steady stream of games designed to allow players to compete against one another through a test of skill. However, with so many options to choose from, finding the best game to play can often be difficult.


10 victory race

One of the more straightforward racing games is called Victory Race, developed by TheGamingMoon5. This simple game consists in running forward as fast as possible until you reach the end of the map.

However, there is a catch with the execution of the map. You have to click as fast as you can for twenty seconds, gain speed and then run down a straight path to the end in two minutes. If you fail, you’ll have to start over and run again, but this time with extra boosts from each checkpoint reached.

9 Auto Suspension Test

Car Suspension is a game that is exactly what it advertises: a car racing simulator that lets you and your friends test cars. This game has one of Roblox’s best and most realistic driving engines, with different vehicles that can be upgraded simply by traversing the map.

However, you need to earn money to unlock new cars and upgrade the best ones. And the way this game does that is, instead of winning races or buying cash, you have to drive as fast as you can. This is a fast way to earn thousands of dollars to upgrade your vehicles to race with your friends.

8th Driving simulator

Unfortunately, due to its name, this game is very misleading in what it offers. Driving Simulator is a very sophisticated game with an expansive map with tons of places to drive around and compete against other people online.

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In addition, there are also many cars to choose from. Many of the vehicles you receive can be upgraded or, if you have extra money, fitted with lots of unique and fun cosmetics. The game is very rewarding as it gives you a lot of money as you win races and drive by unlocking areas making it a fun experience.

7 Ultimate driving

One of the best driving experiences on Roblox can be found in Ultimate Driving. This game offers many unique driving experiences with a map layout that includes races, places of work and laws to follow for great role-playing and fun experiences.

The vehicles in Ultimate Driving are as unique as the game itself. It gives you a good choice to start your adventure and collect race wins. Special vehicles can also be used in completing tasks such as firefighting, police work, and mail delivery. You make money by spending time driving around. So the more you play, the more you can upgrade and buy new vehicles to play around with.

6 Speed ​​of Sound Simulator

Sonic Speed ​​Simulator is every Sonic fans dream. When it comes to collecting rings, finding collectibles, and competing against other people online as your favorite characters, this game goes above and beyond with hours of content.

It might seem like a slow hassle when starting the game, but once you level up for the first time and get reborn, the game will help you skip the slow part so you can have more fun running around. And each reincarnation unlocks new areas for you to explore and new characters hidden on each map become available. But overall the main focus is on improving yourself so you can compete against other players to win prizes if you beat the best.

5 Taxi boss

What shines through about Taxi Boss is the almost perfect recreation of what a multiplayer Crazy Taxi might look like. While it might not have the same staples as Crazy Taxi, it’s just as chaotic and fun to play as you drive around a big city, dodging other cars and getting customers to their location.

The game gets even better when you include the option to compete for prizes with other people in specific taxi vehicles to get the best taxi money can buy. Then this money can be used to get better taxis, which will increase your taxi’s grade rating, which means more high-class customers will want to ride with you. And if you want a head start, you can use these codes to get free cash.

4 Dealership tycoon

Typically, tycoon experiences in Roblox are a simple formula where you click a button to generate money and then engage in PvP with other players as you set up an automatic cash flow. Car Dealership Tycoon takes these elements of a regular tycoon and flips them to include expensive car racing.

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To earn money in this game you need to focus on driving vehicles and racing. When you race, you can earn income by taking first place and driving around in certain vehicles. The amount generated is set by the price of the car per kilometer driven, leading to tons of players driving around the map and competing against each other to grow their business. And there are even many codes for Car Dealership Tycoon.

3 vehicle legends

Vehicle Legends is a game that knows what it wants to do and does it right. Graphically, it’s not the most impressive game you’ll see on Roblox, but that doesn’t matter when it comes to the phenomenal driving mechanics and vehicles featured.

One of the main problems with many driving games is that there always seems to be an invisible list of controls that you have to figure out on your own. But this game not only presents them to you in advance, but they handle them well with races that take full advantage of them. Money is earned by completing races and driving around the expansive map, which can unlock various vehicles from cars and off-road motorcycles to boats and planes.

2 Legends of Speed

Like Sonic Speed ​​Simulator, Legends Of Speed ​​is all about earning experience points to level up your character and race as fast as you can. Instead of rings and orbs, it’s replaced with gems and tiers. However, Legends Of Speed ​​performs better, the layout of the maps and the rebirth system.

Many races in Sonic don’t offer much variety in terms of obstacles unless you’re doing an event. In Legend Of Speed, however, not only is each race unique to the map it is located on, but it is also challenging and offers many opportunities to win steps and gems. It’s an enjoyable experience that many fans will enjoy if they want to constantly level up and be reborn.

1 Traveling Empire

At the moment, Driving Empire is the most realistic and extensive racing game in Roblox. This game offers a unique experience of playing not only as a citizen but also as a criminal or cop, making street racing more than just back and forth. In addition, the graphics are the best we’ve seen, especially when used in the sprawling city maps.

However, like the other racing games, the currency depends on how far you travel and the price of your vehicle. This means the more you play in the game, the better vehicles you can buy, like motorcycles, boats, and cars with unique customizations and cosmetics. The game even has a tutorial so all the controls are explained right away so you can start racing right away. And the game also has many codes to use.

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