Rollerdrome: How to Beat the Spider Tank Mk. 1 | Boss Guide

Most enemies inside Rollerdrome are pretty simple: you shoot them with a gun until they go down and keep walking, but in the middle of the game it leads the Spider Tank Mk. 1, a real boss fight. Unlike other house players that players will encounter in the game’s many arenas, disabling the Spider Tank requires a bit of work.

However, once you know what to do, you’ll be done with the battle and in no time at all in the next arena. Defeat the Spider Tank Mk. 1 requires a bit of skill though, so newcomers to the skating genre might need a few tries to finish it for good. While dying will affect your overall score at the end of the game, you can restart the level halfway through to try the boss again instead of completing the earlier arena portion of the level.

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Spider Tank Mk. 1 Boss Guide

You hit the Spider Tank Mk.1 at the end of the Eiger Resort level in the middle of the game at the end of the Quarterfinals. As mentioned above, if you end up dying for the boss, you don’t have to restart the level entirely, instead you have the option to simply restart the fight. When you start the fight, drop into an arena and the boss will jump in.

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The way to damage the boss is simple: skate onto his back and shoot his weak point before being knocked off to do it again. To do this, you must approach the boss and dodge his attacks. If you get too close to him, he’ll try to stomp on you, but as long as you dodge him, you should be relatively unaffected. After going through a few attack patterns, the tank will stretch its front legs down while firing some missiles at you. This is your chance to get on his back.

Once the angle of the legs is small enough to walk up, do so and land on your back. There are two spots where the boss is weak: a circular opening on the flat side of his back, and square openings that you have to climb up the ramp on his back to see. The first hit is right in the middle (see image below). Skate towards it and hit it with a few shots with your shotgun to advance to the next stage. After you damage it, it will throw you off its back.

Rinse and repeat the steps to get back on its back after it throws you off the first time. The weak point this time will be the square vents, which can only be accessed by skating up the ramp on your back. Get some air out and then hit each one with your gun.

In the third phase of the battle, the tank jumps to the opposite side of the arena and erects a yellow shield around it. Some house players will appear in the arena for you to take care of. Once they’re all down, the shield surrounding the tank will disappear and you can once again slide onto its back and deliver the final blows.

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