Samsung teases latest foldables ahead of Unpacked

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Samsung has never been particularly good at keeping a secret. At one point, the company jumped into the incessant tide of leaks by releasing its major products ahead of launch. Since then, mobile boss TM Roh’s blog posts have become a tradition.

The latest Unpacked event takes place in a week and is taking place for the first time ever in the company’s backyard in Seoul. Given the hardware giant’s established six-month release schedule for its flagship models, it’s always been a safe bet that the Galaxy Flip 5 and Galaxy Fold 5 are on the way.

The manager confirmed this in his post tonight, writing: “Take the act of folding and unfolding a smartphone, for example. It seems easy. However, this simplicity that users feel is only achieved through a strict focus on what is most essential and intuitive. The minimalist, sleek appearance with the special hinge function underscores our commitment and the inherent beauty of essential design.”

Highlighting thinner designs for the market leaders, Roh adds: “We’ve raised the standards for ergonomics in foldable smartphones. A millimeter difference in the thickness of a device might not sound like a big change, but every gram and millimeter in a foldable device demands a technical breakthrough. It requires craftsmanship with passion. If done well, the benefit to users is tremendous. That’s why we’ve innovated to make our latest foldable devices slimmer and lighter than previous generations.”

The exact mechanism by which the company achieved this remains unclear, although Google’s recent Pixel Fold may offer some insight. The company’s redesign of the mechanism eliminated screen gaps and made the first foldable device one of the thinnest in the industry. However, this device has had several reports of faulty screens, leading to speculation that touching the two sides of the screen could pose a problem if dirt builds up between them.

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Roh also points to other products. “Samsung Galaxy Tab and wearables are designed in the same spirit,” he writes. “They work together in harmony in an ecosystem that enables a powerful, connected experience and serves as a seamless extension of your needs, priorities, and unique personality.”

For those keeping track, these are the Samsung Galaxy Flip 5, Galaxy Fold 5, Galaxy Tab S9, and Galaxy Watch 6. That should keep us busy next week.


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