Signalis Safe Codes: How To Open Classroom Safe And Sword Safe

In the indie survival horror Signalis, many of the details of the game are homages to the genre titans of yesteryear, and that includes figuring out all of Signalis’ cryptic secure codes, which range from relatively easy to quite confusing. Luckily for most codes there is a quick fix for finding them – in fact, a single collectible has them listed in one place, although one of them takes more work than the rest. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find all the safecodes , including the elusive sword safe.

Signalis secure codes – how to find them all in one place

You can find codes for all locked safes in one place. As you search the game’s dark corridors, you’ll likely come across a note revealing that someone from the now-missing team shared secure codes via encrypted messages over the radio. It is said that once this person is found, he will be punished for his treason. You’ll get your own radio involved in the game for about an hour or less, and this opens up the opportunity to learn these safe codes for yourself, but it’s a multi-step process – and in one case, even more confusing than that.

You can find a list of strange numbers (see below) in a document called frequencies near a locked door that requires multiple keys named after elements such as fire, water, and air. Once read, it will be added to your collectors menu, although you can always read it in its original place.

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These are not secure codes, but radio stations are revealing the codes.
These are not secure codes, but radio stations are revealing the codes.

As it turns out, these numbers are radio stations to contact. When you listen to them you will see a code on your screen in the radio menu. This code – usually five or six digits long – is a secure code. The word next to each radio clock marking corresponds to a picture painted on the front of the safes. Several in-game safes are optional, but some are not. In either case, to determine the code, you should do the following:

  • Tune the radio to the correct station on the dial
  • Get the printout of the code in the radio menu
  • Find the corresponding safe identified by the name next to each radio station and the picture on the front of each safe

For example, if you need the code for the “Tree” safe, tune the radio to 185,000 and wait for the code to be read. Then you could open the safe with a tree painted on the front. This system is pretty simple once you realize you can solve any safe code this way, with two exceptions: the Sword Safe Code and the Classroom Safe Code. These are a bit trickier, so we’ve given them additional explanations below.

Signalis security code for the classroom

The classroom safe is the first one you open in the game, and you actually find it before you find the radio, so it uses a different method. In addition, some environmental tips will help you find the answer you need. One note you will come across is titled Service Request Form F-29 and includes someone complaining about the classroom safe being reset to its factory default code, but that note doesn’t mention what that code is.

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Elsewhere in the small starting area you will find the operating instructions for the safe called a note Mon & Daughter High Security Wall Safe this shows the default code for that particular safe: 204512. As previously mentioned, it’s possible for codes like this to be different depending on the playthrough. In this case you just want to repeat this method with your unique code.

Signali’s Sword Safe Code

Unlike the others, the Sword Safe radio station doesn’t openly reveal its code. You’ll read a numeric code, but you’ll soon find that the safe itself doesn’t have numbered buttons, it has labeled buttons. for this solution You need an additional cipher which translates each number into the corresponding letter.

You can find this cipher on the second floor, Worker Accommodations, in the interrogation room. It seems that the hacker who was secretly spreading these secure codes got caught and, well, treated.

Luckily they left behind the titled document sword, which reveals a cipher for the sword safe. We’ve included a copy of ours below, but as with the frequency document above, these details can change between runs, so make sure yours are exactly the same, otherwise you’ll just want to replicate our method, not our exact ones keystrokes.

Swordproof code cipher that reveals the code itself.
Swordproof code cipher that reveals the code itself.

On the right, it’s safe to assume the missing numbers are still okay, meaning the keyboard is still showing the traditional 1-9 with the 0 among the others. There is a letter missing on the left, but in our playthrough the missing letter was F because our secure code contained an 8 and the keyboard contained an F, the only letter missing from the cipher. With all that in mind, we know a lot of–, translate the letters into numbers using this cipher and you’ll be able to find the sword safe code after just the slight headache that nostalgia for 1999 horror games gave you.

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