Singalis Star Map – How To Solve The Astrolabe Puzzle

The working class district of Signalis is long and harrowing. But once you’ve collected all the keys, taped someone’s favorite tape back together, and looked through someone’s mail, you’re left with one astrolabe and a place to put it. Rest assured, this is the last riddle of the workers’ quarters, but it’s also, fittingly, the most obtuse.

To solve it you need to look at the stars, or rather at the planets. Locking things isn’t the typical form or function of an astrolabe, but the box it locks is also said to be mysterious, so just join in.

Search for the astrolabe

The astrolabe is in the library, which you can enter once you find the library key in mailbox 512. As soon as you enter there is a hummingbird replica in disrepair but more importantly there is a vending machine. Unfortunately, it’s not full of snacks. Instead, there’s just an astrolabe, which seems odd to put in a vending machine.

In fact, getting to the astrolabe isn’t as easy as punching into a lattice position. The automatic controls are disabled, so you have to position the arm manually. Unfortunately, it slips until it is blocked. To actually get to the astrolabe you need to move your arm all the way around the vending machine, back down and bottom up.

Need more specific instructions? Right, up, left, up, left, down, left, down, right, down, right, down, right, up, right, up.

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Don't get your arm caught there.
Don’t get your arm caught there.

read stars

If you either examine the astrolabe first or put it in the box in Adler’s study, you might be confused by what it represents. There is a star at the top, a large button in the middle and three rotating disks in between. What does that mean?

For the answer you need to go to the meeting room on the south side of floor B8. Inside is a star chart. The big giveaway for this puzzle is that home is depicted in the same shape as the star at the top of the astrolabe. The key here is to let home reach the point in its orbit where it coincides with that on the astrolabe, and then note where the other planets are in that position.

In my time Pluto was a planet.
In my time Pluto was a planet.

Align the planets

Back in Adler’s study, you need to move the disks on the astrolabe so that they line up with the star chart when Home is on top. This means that the symbol on the outermost disk is in the lower left, the middle one with the plus sign (+) is in the upper left, and the innermost disk is in the lower right. Once these are in place, hit the center button. The box should open.

Don't forget to press the button.  It is really important.
Don’t forget to press the button. It is really important.

Inside you will find one of Adler’s diaries. More importantly, you’ll also find your objective: the Admin Card, which will take you into the mines and to the next chapter of Signalis. For more information on the survival horror game, check out our Signalis review.

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