Sister Wives fans divided about TLC’s latest spinoff show after Kody loses three of his spouses

SISTER Wives fans have a new TLC show to obsess over after Kody Brown lost most of his wives.

TLC just announced a new show called Seeking Brother Husband. It will feature several couples who are looking for another man to join their relationship.

Kody Brown only has one wife left and now it looks like his TV show will be replacedCredit: Social Media – See Source
The new show is called Brother Husbands and is set to premiere in MarchPhoto credit: TLC

The network released a two-minute trailer for the new series, giving viewers a glimpse of what’s to come.

The network wrote, “TLC is excited to announce a brand new series coming later this year, Seeking Brother Husband, which follows four polyandric relationships and their efforts to bring more husbands into their families.”

The trailer features multiple families and teases the trials each family will face in season one.

Introducing the show, one of the featured wives said, “Polyandry is the practice of a woman having multiple husbands, but those husbands cannot have other partners.”

Another woman addressed the stigma surrounding polyandry: “There’s definitely a double standard. When a woman has multiple partners, it’s, oh my god, she’s such a bitch, she sleeps around.”

Other issues addressed in the trailer include husbands feeling like they’re being “swapped,” a husband overhearing his wife having sex with someone else, and other families stepping out of their comfort zones.


After hearing about the new series, Sister Wives fans on Reddit and YouTube had a mixed reaction. Some are ready for a new messy reality show, others have histories of polyamory behind them.

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One excited fan said: “Hey men always do this shit. As long as everyone is a consenting adult, I say go for it, woman!”

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Another wrote: “Just think of all the handyman stuff a girl could do around the house! That might not be so bad.”

Someone else said: “TLC is the gift that keeps on giving. May the mess begin lol.”

On the other hand, this critic won’t see the show: “Congrats TLC, that’s the most bizarre reality show ever.”

Another reviewer said: “We’re sitting here not talking about polygamy and how it’s bad and abusive but applauding new shows like this??? I mean make sense.”


This new show emerged after Sister Wives’ Kody Brown was dumped by three of his four wives, leaving him and his youngest wife Robyn alone.

Christine was the first of Kody’s ex-wives to announce a new partner after Meri and Janelle also left the polygamist in December 2022.

Although her relationship with Kody is over, Christine will star in the upcoming 18th season of Sister Wives, which is currently filming.

Recently, Christine’s daughter, Gwendlyn Brown, took to her Patreon account and made some shocking claims about her famous father.

A fan asked her if Kody had ever been physically abusive, and Gwendlyn gave a lengthy response.

“I remember bruising a couple of times when my dad beat me up,” she claimed.

“Or he admitted to throwing me in the air to scare me into doing nothing. So, yes, he physically abused me.”

The series follows families looking to add a new husband to the mixPhoto credit: TLC
Sister Wives series fans are divided on whether or not they will watch the showPhoto credit: TLC
Despite breaking up with Kody, Christine will star in Season 18 of Sister WivesCredit: Justin Stephens/Discovery


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