SMH, WWOS, and Age name top 50 influential women in sport

As International Women’s Day approaches, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, And Wide world of sports have come together to select the 50 most influential women in Australian sport in a cross-platform content series.

A diverse spectrum of women – including Anna Mears (#22), Jesinta Franklin (#42), Meg Lanning (#45) and Emma McKeon (#25) – will be released as a five day countdown and will conclude with the top 10 on International Women’s Day, Wednesday 8th March.

The 50 Most Influential Women in Sport include athletes, sports administrators, journalists, sports agents and sponsors, among others.

The jury of 10 journalists includes Wide World of Sports’ Roz Kelly, The senior sports editor Chloe Saltau, the Herald’s chief rugby reporter Georgina Robinson and Today’s news and entertainment anchor Brooke Boney.

40.Kate Jones

Wide world of sports moderator Rose Kelly said: “The greatest players in Australian sport right now don’t necessarily hit the field setting world records or collecting gold medals every weekend.

“The fact that compiling the list has been such a challenge shows that we are moving in the right direction when it comes to board level representation and positions of power in Australian sport. But we still have a long way to go.

“We hope the list will spark healthy debate and encourage not just sports organizations but all businesses to disband the ‘boys clubs’ and work harder to make equality a reality.”

31.Caitlin Moran

Age sports editor Chloe Saltau, said: “Some of the women on our list are household names, but the point of this list is that many of them operate behind the scenes and make decisions about where the money goes, what sports appear on TV, conduct negotiations or even make sure.” that your soccer team is coming onto the field in the middle of a pandemic.

The Sydney Morning Herald sports director Ian Fugue said: “We want to mark International Women’s Day with a meaningful project that recognizes the importance of women to sport in this country, not only as participants but also as administrators, decision makers, policy makers and influencers.”

“Narrowing down an impressive field to a meaningful top 50 was no easy task, and we decided the best way to do that was by collaborating with the expertise of the Nine ecosystem Wide World of Sport, The Sydney Morning Herald And Age.”

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