‘SNL’ Weekend Update: Best Characters From the Past Decade

And here to talk about Saturday Night Live‘s best Weekend Update guests is… Team TVLine.

SNL‘s news segment has introduced us to many beloved characters throughout the years: Will Forte’s Tim Calhoun, Gilda Radner’s Roseanne Rosannadanna and Chris Farley’s Bennett Brauer, to name a few. But what about the best characters that have appeared in the last 10 years? Which recent cast members have made their mark on SNL history?

We’ve taken a hard look at Seasons 38-48 and compiled a list of all the best Weekend Update guests who just might measure-up to those classic legends. Some are recurring, some are one-offs, ALL are hilarious and memorable. And to be clear, not every character on this list made their debut within the last 10 years, but all have at least made an appearance since 2013.

Treat our list as an ode to the 2010 greats, like Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong, and a passing-of-the-baton to newer cast members, like Bowen Yang and Sarah Sherman. These are the characters we’ll tell our kids about and the ones we’ll imitate next to punch bowls at holiday parties until the end of time.

Hit the comments to share your favorite Weekend Update guest. Who else do you think belongs on this list? 

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