Software developer jobs: How to get hired now

For software developers, adaptability is key to a successful career. The IT job market is constantly changing, whether due to new technologies, economic and environmental factors, or a mix of all three. Software developers who adapt quickly to the changing demands of the IT job market—for example, by learning new skills, earning certifications, or adjusting their salary expectations—typically outperform those who don’t.

One thing that remains stable is that developers are in high demand across many different industries. Let’s take a look at what developers can expect in the job market right now.

Developers are still in high demand

“The software developer job market is really healthy in terms of talent demand,” said Christy Schumann, senior vice president of talent operations at Toptal, which has an exclusive network of freelance software developers, designers, product managers, and other professionals for hire.

“As businesses and consumers continue to use technology in almost everything we do, developers and aspiring developers now have a great opportunity to build successful careers,” says Schumann.

The hiring firm Robert Half characterizes developer hiring trends as still moderate to fairly strong. “The market remains quite competitive and finding top talent remains a challenge,” said Jason Deneu, a regional director for the firm.

Front-end and back-end web developers are in high demand, according to Deneu, as are developers with a background in cloud-related technologies. “Data engineers are also still in the ‘hot zone’ for setup needs,” he says. “These roles offer the best prospects for the coming months based on customer feedback.”

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