Sons of the Forest: How to Build on Water

Do you want to know how to build on water? sons of the forest? Like the previous game in the series, sons of the forest offers players almost endless building possibilities. You can build a house of any size and shape, or even a tree house, but what about a body of water? Unfortunately, building on water isn’t one of the main mechanics; This is pretty logical given the primitiveness of your character’s tools and building materials. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t. Our guide is here to help and tell you how to build on water sons of the forest.

How to build a house on the water in Sons of the Forest

A waterfront home has many unconditional benefits, and we understand those who want to build one. Mutants and cannibals will not be able to get you into the water, and those who manage to get to you will be much fewer than if you lived on land. And besides, it’s very nice to see the sunrises on the lake. But the benefits are accompanied by a hell of a building process because you have to resort to mistakes.

First of all, we advise you to prepare more logs, since they will serve as the building material and foundation of your house. It should be clarified that the house will stand on wooden poles over the water. And be prepared that you can’t build in the middle of the lake. In any case, you need to stick the logs into the ground at a small depth. Now that we’ve covered the basic details, here are the steps you need to follow to incorporate water sons of the forest:

  • First, place a tree trunk upright at a depth of about half a meter. After that, place another log on the previous 45 degree floor as shown in the first image above.
  • After that, climb onto the log and place another log at 45 degrees, but on the other side of the pillar. You should get a design similar to a triangle.
  • After that, pick up another log and go to the very edge of the distant log. Release the trunk you were holding and immediately begin verticalizing the trunk that was beneath you. Doing all of this quickly and smoothly will create a design like the second image above.
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  • Heed content creator Kibbles Gaming’s advice as you build each side of the house’s foundation.
  • Place stumps on the top corners of the foundation to level the ground as you build the house deeper.
  • Finally, when the foundation is complete, all you need to do is use planks and logs to build the steps, walls, and house floor.

It sounds pretty simple, but in practice it takes a lot of effort to exploit the game bug and build the house foundation. So stock up on patience and building supplies. After all, if you live on the water you will rarely get the local evil monsters.

From 2023, sons of the forest is only available on personal computer.

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