Sony’s $50 Million Payday Proves the Spider-Verse Is Supreme as an OG Avenger Paves the Way for an MCU Return

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Congratulations, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse! Unlike so many other films on the market, Sony’s wildly successful animated sequel has managed to garner a wildly successful start at the box office following positive reviews, giving it a solid lead over both the MCU and DCU. Elsewhere one of the Wonder The Avengers, founders of the universe, surprise their fans by revealing that they are ready for a return, while their own protégé ushers the next generation of heroes into the spotlight.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse breaks the box office records of 2023 and leaves both the MCU and DCU in the dust

Spider man on the spider verse
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The forecasts were already looking good, but Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse In the end, the film surpassed all expectations by grossing a whopping $51.7 million on its first day in theaters, officially making it the biggest opening day of any film released that year, surpassing even other superhero hits Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 and obviously racing past flops Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania And Shazam! anger of the gods. We have to see if The Lightning may top it in a couple of weeks, but it certainly looks like it’ll be tough to knock the sequel off its pedestal as the all-around grossing comic book movie of 2023.

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While Jeremy Renner refuses to rule out a Hawkeye comeback, his on-screen replacement Kevin Feige is pushing for offspring

Jeremy Renner Hawkeye
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Jeremy Renner has only recently recovered from a near-death experience, but like his avenging alter ego, he won’t let that stop him from getting back into action. While attending Phoenix Fan Fusion in Arizona This weekend, the Clint Barton star admitted that if he got the call from Marvel to pick up his bow and quiver again, he “would make it in a heartbeat.” So it’s ironic that Hawkeye’s own trainee, Hailee Steinfeld, has revealed that she can’t wait to see Kate Bishop found the Young Avengers and the MCU’s youth replacing the old guard. Let the Hawkeye-Off begin!

Tom Holland says it would be a “fool” not to make it Spider-Man 4but it would still be a big challenge for him to sign up

Tom Holland is back in the rumor mill as insiders claim his Spider-Man return may be near
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After basically a year and a half of silence, we finally got some updates Spider-Man 4, even if they are not as encouraging as we would like. The newest? Tom Holland continues to hold back on confirming he’s definitely back as Peter Parker. According to the actor, it all depends on whether Sony and Marvel can put together an even better film No way home. As he said ExtraTVif they can, then he would be a “fool to say that.” [he] wouldn’t.” But when he doesn’t, he’s happy to “swing into the sunset” and let someone else slip into his spandex suit.

The latest updates from across the Spider-Verse and other corners of the Marvel Multiverse are never far away, so don’t go anywhere.

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