Splatoon 3’s Latest Splatfest Has Surprise Result!

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Some out there may be wondering how strong the bonds of competition are within a Splatfest. Those who say this clearly have never invested in a splatfest like this before because it’s quite the event whenever the series comes up. Why? Because when you choose a side, you’re not just fighting for yourself. You fight for everyone else who chose this side with you, and you all want to win. So when you hear that a team ended up beating you, you feel bad. The newest turn 3 Splatfest has come to an end and there are undoubtedly many sad and angry fans out there.

If you remember, the Splatfest was dark chocolate vs milk chocolate vs white chocolate. We’ve discussed this before on the site and realized that milk chocolate would likely be the winner. Well, we were wrong by a wide margin. The Splatfest results were released and the winner was:

Yes. White chocolate won and the fans can’t believe it. Why? Because white chocolate is not what you think of when you talk about chocolate! Technically it’s not even chocolate as it’s made only with Choco Butter and not the solids of the cacao plant! So yes, that was shocking. But if you want even more of a shock, it wasn’t even close!

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As you can see, the Splatfest results show how white chocolate is sweeping away the competition. The closest they came to defeat was in the Tricolor battle, and even then they got the win.

Look, there have been some close splatfests in the past, and there have been ones that have produced a surprise winner. But this really could be one of the biggest shocks in Splatfest history. Oh, and we’re not saying that just because we lost. We don’t think anyone predicted such a sweep.

Focusing on the future, the question that turn 3 Fans will be wondering if we’re going to do another Splatfest next month or return to the Big Run. The first Big Run event was in December and hasn’t been mentioned since.

Many are wondering if the Salmon Run-inspired Super Event will see some changes based on player feedback, but we can’t say for sure.

If we get another splatfest, the question will become an on-topic question. We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for the game.


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